Getting to the bottom of the Eagles’ playing Creed at practice


PHOENIX — The Eagles flew to Arizona on Sunday and they brought Creed with them.

You might remember that the Eagles were listening to a Creed song a couple weeks ago as they practiced during the week at the NovaCare Complex before facing the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

That day, they were listening to the song “Higher.”

As the Eagles hit the field for walkthrough at the Arizona Cardinals’ facility to prepare for Super Bowl LVII, Lane Johnson used his pull to get some more Creed tunes blaring through the speakers, according to a pool report from Lindsay Jones of The Ringer.

Johnson texted head coach Nick Sirianni on Wednesday morning to put in his request. And walkthrough began with “My Sacrifice” off Creed’s 2001 album “Weathered.”

“I don’t know if he thinks I’m the DJ or what, but I guess he knows I can get things done,” Sirianni told Jones.

A few hours later, Johnson was at a podium at the Eagles’ team hotel in Phoenix, so one intrepid reporter decided to get to the bottom of all this Creed business.

Lane, what’s up with the Creed?

“Chris (Long) is here, he sent me a picture of Creed’s first album and I started listening to it,” Johnson said. “And then I was singing it like in the huddle one time, like messing with Isaac (Seumalo). So then he put it on the playlist. I was feeling Creed again, so we put on another oldie just to mix it up. It’s usually the same thing every day.”


And eventually on Wednesday, the Eagles went back to their usual mostly-hip hop playlist. Johnson was just feeling a little changeup.

Long, who sent Johnson a picture of the album cover a couple weeks ago, was indeed standing just a few feet away on Wednesday. Now a retired football player and host of the very popular Green Light with Chris Long podcast, Long and fellow former Eagle Beau Allen were in the house.

I should have known Long had something to do with it.

“Yeah, we stay in touch,” he said with a grin.

Hey, whatever works. And if the Eagles win on Sunday, you can bet there will be some Creed blaring as the Eagles parade down Broad Street.

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