It’s a shame the Eagles haven’t figured out how to use Golden Tate, because I think you’d all really like him. 

It’s certainly not his fault this isn’t working. And it’s not his fault the Eagles ponied up a third-round pick to get him. 

But through two games, it isn’t working. The Eagles’ coaching staff has failed to integrate him. Mike Groh even admitted it’s been “challenging.” 

Tate on Wednesday said he didn’t really have any expectations of how long it would take to integrate into the offense, having never been traded like this midseason. But he said he has “definitely” felt a sense of urgency. 

“The moment that I heard the news, I was asking for the playbook,” Tate said. “Because I know how challenging it is to be just a receiver in general, let alone having a midseason change.

“But the personnel we have, I have no doubt that we can do special things. I know that just from being here for going on three weeks. We have a lot of talent; we just need to put it together. I think we are getting closer and I know we’re working to do that.”

The problem all along with this trade was that the Eagles didn’t have time to waste. Tate said he likes how the Eagles have been bringing him along slowly, but it’s just not ideal for this situation. 

The Eagles traded for Tate with just eight games left on his contract and decided to bring him along slowly and clearly didn’t have a plan of how to utilize him in this offense when the trigger was pulled. So here we are two games into his time with the Eagles and there’s a danger that the move will end up being a complete waste. 


“We’re all working hard and we’re all doing the best we possibly can and trying to get a little bit better,” Tate said. “But the truth is, I got here three weeks ago. I didn’t have the entire offseason to work with these guys. Everyone’s doing their best, spending time after practice, spending time in the meetings, trying to talk this through and get comfortable with each other. We just gotta be a little bit better. I don’t think we’re far off. We just have to be a little bit better. Things are going to start clicking.” 

As reporters chatted with Tate on Wednesday, I began to feel a little bad for him. 

After all, he didn’t ask to get traded here. But after he did, he’s been doing everything he can to catch up. He’s been in the playbook from Day 1. He spends countless hours talking to Carson Wentz and Groh and receivers coach Gunter Brewer. He puts in the time. 

Remember, when Tate was traded to the Eagles just three weeks ago, he was joining a defending Super Bowl champion that was sitting at 4-4 and just needed a little boost. He was supposed to be that boost. 

Now, the Eagles are 4-6. They just got crushed on national television and one of their main leaders publicly criticized the fight his teammates showed. 

That’s not what Tate thought he was coming to Philly to be a part of. 

“I’m just excited to be here, excited to play ball with a bunch of guys who love football,” Tate said. “Unfortunately, it’s not happening the way we thought it would, but we’re going to dig deep. We’re digging deep, we’re working hard. I have full confidence that we’re going to get it done soon.”

Tate has just six games left on his current contract, but he doesn’t seem worried about that right now. He said as a veteran in his ninth year, he thinks he’s proven himself for long enough for whatever happens in his stint with the Eagles not to matter. He said he just cares about giving his new city something to be happy about. 

He clearly has the right attitude. And for his sake, I hope the inability of this coaching staff to use him to the fullest doesn’t negatively impact his earnings potential.  

Either way, if things continue to go this way for his remaining time in Philly, I don’t think you could blame him if he doesn’t sign up for another year. And that’s a shame. Because I think you’d like him. 


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