Good Morning Football praises Hurts' 'juice'


The most important intangible in all of sports? Juice. It's indescribable, but when you see it, you know it's there. In that way, it's like great art. Lincoln Financial Field was Jalen Hurts' personal easel in an upset win over the Saints, bringing an energy to the Eagles that has been sorrowfully lacking in 2020. National pundits are taking notice, especially the crew on NFL Network's Good Morning Football.

"It was exactly what they needed," said former NFL wideout and host Nate Burleson of Hurts' play. "It's like a spark like you need to start a fire. They needed it. It's almost like they were trying to get their hands warm all season long and couldn't and he comes in and he brings that juice and it helped out everywhere. The coaching staff, the sidelines was hype. The special teams, the defense made plays, and, of course, offensively.

"It's the best kind of kind juice. It was organic."

"I genuinely believe in the juice theory," added host Kyle Brandt. "It was the quality juice."

I've created my own metric to measure juice: Juice Above Replacement (JAR). There are no numbers that go into it. It's all emotion. Jalen Hurts leads the league in Juice Above Replacement this season.