A video of Eagles fans fighting surfaces on social media

Eagles fans start brawl at the Linc

With Eagles fans finally being allowed into Lincoln Financial Field this season, they wasted no time becoming a national talking point.

As seen in the below video, which was shared on social media, an Eagles-fans-on-Ravens-fans fight ensued in the top level of the Linc Sunday afternoon.

As anyone who's seen Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith knows, it's over whenever someone has the higher ground. Rookie mistake on the part of that Ravens fan essentially trying to fight a guy while climbing Mount Everest. It could be Paul Felder walking up those stadium stairs and even he'd be at a disadvantage.

Listen, I would bet my whole bank account, which has approximately 47 cents in it, that this isn't the only brawl that's unfolded around NFL stadiums this season. I don't anticipate this reaching "Snowballs at Santa Claus" territory, but it's definitely a bit of a bad look for the for the first true Eagles home game in 2020.

When it comes to the fight itself, I have to call violation on the bro in the black Darren Sproles jersey. He only jumped in when the Ravens fan was getting crushed. That breaks unwritten rules. Whoever attempted to hold back the dude in the white Carson Wentz jersey might have done a worse job than John Hightower yesterday.

Poor form. Poor execution. Bad result.

I don't condone fighting at games. I definitely don't condone it when there's a deadly virus spreading across the country.

Nevertheless, that Ravens fan must be left thinking, "I paid $700 to go to a football game in Philly during a pandemic and all I got to show for it is a shiner."