History told Doug Pederson to not panic with Nick Foles

History told Doug Pederson to not panic with Nick Foles

When Nick Foles played a clunker of a game against the Raiders on Christmas Day, there were plenty of folks who doubted he would be able to lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl.

Doug Pederson wasn't one of them.

Maybe that's because Pederson knows him better than just about anybody else.

"Coach Pederson is the one who drafted me," Foles said after his ridiculous performance in the Eagles' 38-7 win in the NFC Championship Game. "He was the only coach who flew down to Texas and worked me out. I was only worked out by one team, and that was by Coach Pederson. Coach (Andy) Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles took a chance on me. To win this game for him and this organization is something very special."

After Pederson worked Foles out, the Eagles drafted him out of Arizona in the third round in 2012. He rose from third-stringer to backup to starter to Pro Bowler, got traded, got benched, got cut, thought about retiring, got re-signed, came back to Philly, became a backup, took over for Carson Wentz, and is now leading the Eagles into Super Bowl LII.

On Sunday night, after all that he's been through, Foles reminded Pederson where their relationship started. He reminded him that he was the only one to work him out privately leading up to the 2012 draft. He reminded Pederson he was the guy who took a chance on him.

"It goes a long way in his confidence and my confidence in him and understanding that dynamic," Pederson said.

It's hard to imagine the guy who completed 78 percent of his passes for 352 yards and three touchdowns was the same guy who had a passer rating of 48.2 over the last two weeks of the regular season. But Foles turned in an absolutely masterful performance against the Vikings (see story).

How did that happen?

Well, the Eagles had a bye week, which offered plenty of extra practice time. Thanks to a recommendation from the Eagles' players council, the Eagles put on the pads and had an intense practice during the bye week and again the next week. All those extra reps with the first-team offense, something he hadn't had before, helped Foles catch up.

"We needed time to work," Pederson said. "We needed time to get Nick kind of caught up. Again, going back to training camp, he missed a lot of training camp time. Reps with those guys during the regular season, Carson was taking all the snaps. It's just the way it is. So it's just a matter of him getting comfortable, playing the quarterback position, and being on the same page with our guys. So you've kind of slowly seen the progression of the success that he's had since that time. For us, internally, that's what it was about. Just getting time and being able to work together."

Foles said he knew his teammates never doubted him. He had played with several of his teammates before and even the ones who were new to him saw him look sharp in practice over the last couple of weeks.

When asked how he knew his teammates didn't have doubts, Foles said he just knew.

"When people doubt you, you can feel it," he said. "We're all human and I'm keeping it real. When someone doubts you, you know. These guys that I play with knew that I would eventually just keep working at it. They know me as a person and they know me as a player, and we just kept working."

No one knows him better than Pederson. No wonder he never had a doubt.

Lane Johnson not pleased with ranking on NFL's top 100

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Lane Johnson not pleased with ranking on NFL's top 100

Lane Johnson had a breakout season in 2017, holding down the right tackle spot for the Eagles on his way to his first Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors. 

And he even made the NFL Network’s Top 100 players list, which is voted on by players. 

All the way down at No. 95. 

“Obviously, I think it’s a joke to be honest with you,” Johnson said on the Mike Missanelli Show Friday afternoon. 

That’s when fill-in co-host Eytan Shander interjected: “Good it is a joke. You were robbed.”

Johnson, 28, is considered by most to be the best right tackle in the NFL and there will likely be plenty of the guys he shut down during last season on the list ahead of him. 

“Yeah, but that’s alright,” Johnson answered. “Better luck next year. That’s what they tell me. I think it’s just … there’s so many great players, it’s hard to put them in order. I guess just being on there is cool. Hoping next year, I’ll be a little bit lower on the list.”

Johnson isn’t the only Eagles player who might have a beef with where they’re slotted on the list. So far, the bottom 50 have been revealed and the Eagles have four players so far: 

68. Zach Ertz 
69. Fletcher Cox
95. Lane Johnson 
96. Malcolm Jenkins  

Johnson also talked about a few other topics on Friday shows, which was co-hosted by Shander and Geoff Mosher. He mentioned that he’s obviously hated in Boston and loved in Philly for his comments about the Patriots. 

He also talked about his relationship with Jason Peters, becoming a more vocal leader, and, of course, this … 

Getting Eagles fans ready for Memorial Day weekend

USA Today

Getting Eagles fans ready for Memorial Day weekend

In the latest edition of Eagle Eye, an Eagles podcast, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks get you ready for Memorial Day weekend. They share tips and suggestions for your weekend cookout. The latest on the NFL's national anthem policy. And how did Barrett spend his first ever NFL paycheck?

Also, the lengths Barrett will go to get invited to Gunner's house.

1:00 - Weekend plans.
3:00 - Gunner has a big weekend coming.
5:00 - Barrett is busy this weekend.
6:00 - Stories from cookouts.
11:00 - Worst things about cookouts.
15:00 - Latest on NFL's national anthem policy.
21:00 - How did Barrett spend his first NFL paycheck in 1995.

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