Why Howie Roseman should be a seller as trade deadline nears


We are entering one of Howie Roseman’s favorite times of the year: the approach of the NFL trade deadline. The deadline falls on Nov. 3 this year, which is also Election Day. I’ll sidestep the easy jokes and get right to the point.

Roseman can’t help himself. For three years running, he’s made a deal leading up to the deadline. And a recent report suggests he will be at it again. 

Don’t get me wrong. Roseman should be working the phones harder than he ever has right now. 

But he should be selling, not buying.

He promised a youth movement this past offseason, and so far he’s delivered. Cutting loose fan favorites Malcolm Jenkins and Nigel Bradham, among others, showed that he’s not afraid of making unpopular decisions, if it helps the team in the long term.

Roseman can continue this youth movement by trading away some of his players that are getting up there in age to teams who consider themselves on the cusp of contention. In return, he can stock up on draft picks, or potentially find players who are stuck in a depth chart logjam who could blossom if given some playing time in a different system.

That means that virtually every player should be on the table. Zach Ertz? Sure, it would be tough to deal away Carson Wentz’s safety valve and favorite target, but he’s 29 years old, and a much younger Dallas Goedert can fill that role just fine. Brandon Graham? The most-tenured Eagles player is producing at the ripe old age of 32. He could really help a contender’s pass rush. This may prove difficult, as he’s an $18 million cap hit for the 2021 season. 


Right now, with the Eagles at 1-4-1, Roseman shouldn’t be in any position to add players and salary to a team that is this far away from winning anything. Sure, they could still turn things around and win a dreadful NFC East division, but then what? 

There’s no way this team can put together a playoff run. They can’t even put together four quarters of solid football. There isn’t a player available on another team’s roster who would be the “last piece of the puzzle” for this team. 

Roseman should be playing the long game here. Build for 2021, and beyond. Get younger, less expensive talent and develop it.

Get in there and sell.