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A different viewpoint on Howie Roseman in Roob's Eagles Observations

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Giving Howie credit where credit's due, an amazing Jeff Stoutland stat and a new Eagle I'd like to see get a chance to play.

That's where we start with this weekend's edition of Roob's 10 Random Eagles Observations! 

1. Howie Roseman has taken a lot of heat lately for moves like missing on J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, overpaying an aging DeSean Jackson and exercising Nelson Agholor's $10 million option. And that's fair. Much of it is deserved. But if you're going to hold Howie and the personnel staff accountable for the mistakes, you have to give them credit for the hits. Nobody else took a chance on Jordan Mailata. Travis Fulgham didn't just show up on his own and catch a 42-yard game-winning touchdown. Somebody saw something in John Hightower. Miles Sanders didn't draft himself. Nobody else wanted Nate Herbig. Every other team had three chances to draft Josh Sweat. There's a reason the Eagles stuck with CFL alum Alex Singleton. Only one team believed in Greg Ward as an NFL receiver. I don't know if all these guys are going to pan out and become productive Eagles, but they all seem to have some talent, they all made plays to help the Eagles win Sunday, and they all appear to be on the right track. Yes, some of his moves look really bad right now. But it's disingenuous to blame Howie and his staff for all the misses and not credit them when some of these guys pan out.

2. How good is Jeff Stoutland? Consider this: Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, Evan Mathis and Brandon Brooks played a combined 14 years before being coached by Jeff Stoutland and never made a Pro Bowl. They've played a combined 20 seasons under Stoutland and made 11 Pro Bowls.


3. Just a month into the season, four Eagles offensive linemen have already made their first career regular-season, something that last happened 34 years ago. In 1986, rookies Joe Conwell, Matt Darwin, Nick Haden, Tom Jelesky and Bob Landsee all started games. That was the o-line that allowed an NFL-record 104 sacks. I'd say it's going a little better this year.

4. When the offense was inconsistent last year, everybody blamed Mike Groh. When the offense has struggled this year, everybody's blamed Press Taylor. I get it. Easy targets. The reality is this is Doug Pederson's offense. He puts together the game plan. He calls the plays. He decides who's on the field. The other guys have input, but everything that happens on the offensive side of the football is Doug's responsibility. And when the offense is ranked 25th in the NFL in scoring, 28th in yards and 31st in yards per play, you have to look first at the head coach. 

5. Have you ever wondered what Eagles players have had the best seasons in their final NFL season? I wonder about this stuff so I looked it up! Most passing yards in a player's final season is Norm Van Brocklin's 2,471 in 1960, most rushing yards is Ryan Mathews' 661 in 2016, most receiving yards is Bud Grant's 997 in 1952. What about defensively? Most interceptions is seven by Dick Humbert in 1949 and most sacks tragically is Jerome Brown's 9.0 in 1991. The last Eagle to start 16 games in his final season? Walter Thurmond in 2015. Now you know! 

6. How much has Doug Pederson gotten away from Miles Sanders after halftime? Over the last three weeks - the three games he's played - Sanders has the 7th-most first-half touches in the NFL [32] but the 21st-most second-half touches [22]. His production is comparable - 4.9 rushing average in the first half, 4.7 in the second half - but touches are down 31 percent, and I don't get why. Seems like Doug just forgets about him.

7. Corey Clement [2.7 rushing average] and Boston Scott [3.3] are the first Eagles running back tandem to both average 3.3 yards per carry or worse through four games since James Joseph [2.0] and Herschel Walker [3.2] in 1994.

8. With Clement and Scott giving the Eagles nothing right now, I'd like to see a little Jason Huntley in the mix. At New Mexico State last year, Huntley had the 3rd-highest rushing average in the BCS at 7.1 (minimum 10 carries per team game). He was highly considered enough to be the Lions' 5th-round pick, and the Eagles liked him enough to claim him on waivers Sept. 6 and risk losing Cre'Von LeBlanc. Huntley has been here a month now, so he should know the offense. All the Eagles' running backs other than Sanders are averaging 2.6 yards per carry. Huntley can't do any worse. Let's see what he's got.


9. In NFL history, 390 teams have been winless after three games, and 10 of them have reached the playoffs. One of those was the 1932 Bears, who were not only winless but undefeated. They opened the season with three straight scoreless ties before losing in Week 4 to the Packers 2-0 - their only loss of the season. They allowed 3.1 points per game that year, had seven shutouts and won the NFL Championship with the strange record of 7-1-6.

10. Carson Wentz's 66.9 passer rating is 5th-worst in NFL history of the 85 QBs who've thrown 160 or more passes through four games.