Inside McLeod's latest social justice-inspired cleats


Sunday in South Philly, Rodney McLeod will be focused on beating the Rams and his passion for social justice will be right there with him. The Eagles safety will rock these expertly crafted custom cleats pregame calling for “Justice for Breonna Taylor”.

The Marcus Rivero (@solesbysir on Instagram) exclusives have a slick contrasting color scheme and are adorned with various slogans and phrases which accentuate the main themes of “Justice for Breonna Taylor” colored in yellow and “Say Her Name” in pink:

Taylor was killed by police in her home this year. Her death has been pivotal in nationwide protests and unrest regarding police brutality and systematic racism. 

“Black Lives Matter”, “End Racism” and “I Can’t Breathe” are some of the many other sayings emblazoned on the black and white cleats.

Remember, the Eagles free safety also had a hand in designing these customs leading up to Week 1.

I spoke with the artist, Marcus Rivero, who told me a pair of custom cleats like McCleod’s cost anywhere between $650 to $1500 and take about 4-10 hours to design from start to finish.

The frenzy of the Eagles' home opener doesn’t have the same sizzle this season, with no fans allowed at the Linc and fake crowd noise pumped into the stadium.

But, with or without a live audience, Eagles players are still making sure their voices are heard by everyone watching from home and are looking fresh at the same time.