It's Always Sunny star has pretty spicy take for Eagles season


Thursday Night Football is nearing, and soon enough, the Eagles will be hosting the Giants in a battle (can you really call this a battle though?) of the NFC East. 

Not many would've pegged the Eagles to be 1-4-1 through six weeks into the season, but somehow that isn't even the most shocking part in the division. Instead, it's the fact the the NFC East has a combined total of five wins. 

This division isn't even averaging a win per week. It's truly mind boggling. 

Still, even with the plethora of terrible records, any team in the division has the possibility to pull through and win it. 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star, Rob McElhenney, is all in on the Eagles pulling through and winning ... but not just the division. 

ESPN recently tweeted that their FPI projects that the Eagles have a 54% chance to win the division and could do so with a 6-9-1 record. 

Well, McElhenney went a step further and shared this pretty spicy take. 

Now, we bet you've seen some crazy and wild opinions about the Eagles so far this season, but have any involved the Super Bowl ... at all? 

Let's mark this one down as the first of 2020 ... and quite possibly the last ... but who knows!