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Jalen Brunson's hilarious response to a Cowboys tweet

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Nobody can ever question Jalen Brunson's devotion to the Eagles.

The former Villanova basketball star reacted hilariously to a tweet from the Dallas Cowboys’ official Twitter account Friday.

It all started when Brunson, who played on Villanova’s 2016 and 2018 NCAA Championship teams, lost a wager to Mavericks teammate Luka Donic.

Brunson, an Eagles fan, and Donic, a Cowboys fan, made a bet on who was a better FIFA 20 player, with the agreement that the loser would have to wear a jersey of the winner’s choice to a Mavs game. 

When Brunson lost the bet, Donic made him wear a Cowboys jersey that read, “Luka’s Son,” on the back to the Mavs’ preseason home opener on Thursday.

On Friday, the Cowboys’ official Twitter account, trying to have fun with the situation, tweeted to Brunson and Donic, “Welcome to, #CowboysNation.”

Which didn’t go over too well with Brunson, who grew up in Illinois but spent the 2015 through 2018 seasons at Villanova, where he played on two national championship teams and became an avid Eagles fan. Brunson’s father, Rick, played at Temple from 1991 through 1995 and now coaches basketball at Camden High in South Jersey.


Brunson’s response to the Cowboys’ tweet is priceless:

When a Cowboys fan asked, “Isn’t that what it’s like being an Eagles fan already?” Brunson replied:

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