Jalen Mills had a bad game Sunday against the Bucs, but instead of doing what most players would do and avoid social media, Mills made sure to see all the hate. 

And he had a message for everyone who sent it his way: 

On Tuesday afternoon, NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Marc Farzetta caught up with Mills and asked the third-year corner why he decided to respond to those folks saying mean things about him on the internet:

It is what it is. As far as I’m concerned, we’re in the same predicament we were in last year that we’re in now. It was the same type of energy. So that’s why I said (it). I’m acknowledging it. 

All those fake Eagles fans, keep that same energy. When we start rolling and get back to where we’re going to get to at the end of the year, we don’t want to hear from you.

When asked if he uses the negativity on social media as motivation, Mills said he doesn’t, that he’s already self-motivated. But that seems like it might not be exactly true. Because if it’s not motivating, why bother?

While some fans have been completely rational, understanding that Mills had a bad game, others are ready to panic and pull him from the starting lineup. This probably has something to do with having a healthy Sidney Jones available. Jones has looked good as the Eagles’ slot corner through two games. 


But the thought of pulling Mills from the starting lineup after two games is far too reactionary. Remember, the Eagles won a Super Bowl with this guy last year. He was their best corner while Ronald Darby was getting over that dislocated ankle. If he doesn’t make sure Julio Jones can’t catch that ball against the Falcons, the Eagles’ season ends in the divisional round. 

No, Mills didn’t play a good game against the Bucs, but he shouldn’t be benched. Not yet. And he probably doesn't deserve to get hateful things said to him by frustrated fans. 

If you still want to hate Mills, though, go ahead. He’ll be happy to see it as he’s scrolling through his timeline.

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