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Jalen Reagor 'wants to be so good for Philadelphia'

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It hasn't been the easiest season for Jalen Reagor. 

He missed a couple weeks with a small shoulder tear before the opener, then he missed five weeks with a thumb injury.

In four games since, he has just 14 catches for 126 yards, and he had a career-low 11 yards in the Seahawks loss.

It doesn't help that Justin Jefferson has been tearing it up for the Vikings while Reagor tries to find his way on a team with a slumping quarterback, an ineffective play-caller, an under-utilized running game and a shaky offensive line.

Reagor has five games left this year to try and make something special out of his rookie year.

"I think Jalen's doing great," receivers coach Aaron Moorehead said. "I've said this for a couple games; Jalen's due and our group is due for a big game. He's been doing really well in practice, he's coming back off of that thumb, and he really hasn't had any hesitation, which was my concern obviously coming off of that deal. But he's doing a good job."

Reagor has 19 catches for 222 yards in six games, but he doesn't have a catch longer than 20 yards since a 55-yarder in the opener. He ranks 10th among rookies with 39 yards per game.

Jefferson is at 84.

When you're the 21st pick in a draft class full of outstanding receivers, that's a lot of pressure on a 21-year-old kid.

And when Jefferson, Tee Higgins, Denzel Mims, Brandon Aiyuk, Chase Claypool, Michael Pittman and Laviska Shenault Jr. are putting up bigger numbers, the pressure only increases.


"I think he's dealt with it well," Moorehead said. "I think early on ... you could feel it a little bit on him. The thing about Jalen, he wants to be so good. Not for Jalen necessarily, he wants to be so good for Philadelphia, he wants to be so good for our organization here, and he puts a lot of pressure on himself and I love that about him."

Moorehead detailed exactly what Reagor needs to get better at:

"His day-to-day approach to practice and just making sure everything he's doing at practice is going to carry over into the game," he said. "Working back to the football and not waiting on it has been something we've really been focusing on and then just with some of his deeper routes, just kind of putting himself in a better position where the DB can't be right there and be able to kind of body him. He can use his strength and his speed to his advantage."

It can't be easy to miss five games in the middle of your rookie year. Especially after missing all of spring practice and a couple weeks late in the summer.

"I think that his missing those five games really stunted his development," Moorehead said. "And now it's kind of cranking back up and ... I'm excited to see him go out and finish these last five games and see where that puts us. If that gives us a chance to go make a run in the playoffs, he'll be an important piece of that." 

Like it or not, Reagor will always be compared to Jefferson and the other receivers in the 2020 draft class who got off to such a hot start.

These last five games give him a chance to make up some ground.

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