Jason Kelce enjoys snack while brother Travis Kelce scores touchdown

Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles did what most people do early in the Super Bowl: have a snack.

There are, of course, a few differences.

Most people are sitting on the couch. Kelce was sitting on the sideline. Most snack on chips, wings or pigs in a blanket. Kelce was eating a protein bar. Most watch the game with family. Kelce was watching a member of his score a touchdown for the opposing team.

Kelce and his younger brother, Travis Kelce, are making history as the first brothers to face off in a Super Bowl. The two shared an on-field brotherly hug before kickoff. And then the Kelce Bowl got off to a fast start.

Around the same time that Jason was caught on camera snacking on a protein bar, Travis caught an 18-yard touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes to tie the score at 7-7 with 6:57 remaining in the first quarter. 

"One brother scores, "FOX announcer Kevin Burkhardt said. "The other brother, having a snack."