After the Bucs game in Week 2, a visibly a frustrated and hurt Jay Ajayi said about his back, “My s--- is f-----.” 

Turns out he was right. 

His s--- was f-----. 

On Thursday, after his first day back at practice since he was hit in his lower back on Sept. 16, Ajayi revealed that he actually suffered a small fracture in his back. 

A fracture in his back! And he missed just one week!

To put it in a way Ajayi’s fans in London might relate with better: That’s mental. 

“It’s a pain tolerance thing at the end of the day,” Ajayi said. “You just got to be able to tolerate the pain and do things to protect it basically.”

The good news is that Ajayi said he feels good now after giving his back time to heal and he’s “ready to roll” on Sunday against the Titans.  

Finding out that Ajayi had a fracture in his back explains his frustration in the locker room after the loss to the Bucs. He was clearly in pain as he went off to get treatment. Knowing the severity of the injury, it’s amazing that he actually came back in that game after the injury. He played with a broken back. 

“It was bad,” Ajayi said. “I mean, I wasn’t feeling good at all.”

With Darren Sproles (hamstring) likely out for another week, Ajayi will try to carry the Eagles on his recently-fractured back in Tennessee. Thanks to a foot injury late in training camp and this injury in Week 2, the JayTrain has had a hard time getting going early this season. 


This is an important season for Ajayi too. It’s the final year of his four-year rookie contract and he hasn’t hid his desire to earn a big contract in Philly or elsewhere. It’s hard to do that on the sideline. 

It’s not just me who’s going through it. There’s other guys in there that are dealing with things. It just lets you understand the game. This is a contact sport. Injuries happen. … Things are going to happen. You gotta keep your mindset positive and let’s battle each day so that we get back on that field. That’s really what it’s been about, rolling with the punches. Things are going to happen. Keep pushing forward.

In two games this season, Ajayi has just 22 carries for 85 yards but has gotten into the end zone three times already. By the time Sunday’s game is over, we will already be a quarter of the way through the 2018 season. 

Ajayi knows that, but he also knows there’s plenty of time for him to get his season going in the right direction. 

“There’s still a lot more work to do,” he said. “I still have a lot more to show on the field. I think I have a lot more to show to this team as well, show this franchise what I will do in that position. I’m just excited to go out on the field and play my game. Praying to stay healthy and I’m just excited to go play.”

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