Meeting between Lurie, Pederson happening Monday in South Florida


It could all go down tomorrow in South Florida. Eagles owner Jeff Lurie will meet with head coach Doug Pederson to decide the future of the Eagles’ offense and the organization.

The biggest financial commitment the Eagles have is to Carson Wentz, who is reportedly expected to request a trade because his relationship and trust with Pederson is broken beyond repair. So that could factor into any decision.

Does Pederson want to promote Press Taylor to be his offensive coordinator? Is that best for the Eagles? Is that the best way to firmly coach Wentz? How about Duce Staley as offensive coordinator? Would that be agreeable to everyone involved?

Will Pederson stand firm? Doug knows that he can get another job.

If the Eagles are considering letting Pederson go to find a new offensive play caller, can that play caller be a leader of men like Pederson?

There are so many layers to consider with these big decisions that are coming. The Eagles are looking for a good plan and vision for the offense. They have critical hiring decisions to make in a timely manner. Even if they don’t have a head coaching search, they have vacant offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator positions and the roster will transition not just for 2021 but also for the future.

Pederson coached the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win in team history and he’s very well liked. But feelings and accomplishments aside, Lurie will have to decide if Pederson is the right person to lead the Eagles going forward.


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