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How Lane Johnson helped Jason Peters get a new contract

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How were the Eagles able to restructure Jason Peters’ contract?

With a little help from Lane Johnson.

Johnson agreed to allow the Eagles to restructure his contract in order to be able to give Peters a raise to move from right guard to left tackle, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Thursday afternoon.

According to his tweet, the Eagles created $5 million in cap space by converting some of Johnson’s base salary into a signing bonus. 

It’s a great move for Johnson, who gets some extra cash now and also becomes part of a stronger offensive line at the same time.

Johnson posted this tweet about the move Thursday night:

The move is similar to one the Eagles pulled off two years ago, with Brandon Brooks restructuring his contract so the Eagles could give Nick Foles a pay raise following the Super Bowl win.

It was Brooks’ injury that got the Eagles to re-sign Peters, and it was Andre Dillard’s injury that necessitated Peters’ move back to left tackle.

Although details of Johnson’s restructure were not immediately available, Johnson was due to earn $7.785 million in base salary this year as part of the four-year, $54.595 million extension he signed last year.

The Eagles signed Peters in July to a one-year, $3 million contract with incentives that could have brought the total value to $6 million. When Dillard suffered a season-ending injury and the Eagles needed a left tackle, Peters balked without a contract bump.


Doug Pederson said Monday that Peters had agreed to swing out to left tackle, and on Thursday morning, the Eagles rewarded him by bumping his salary to $4 million guaranteed with a $2 million signing bonus and incentives that could raise the total value of the deal to $8 million.