Fournette takes a swipe at Foles with Tom Brady comment


Leonard Fournette joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after his unceremonious release from the Jaguars in attempt to reboot his still-young NFL career, and also probably chase a ring.

Because, while the jury is still technically out, plenty of people see the new-look Bucs as a Super Bowl contender, almost entirely because of Tom Brady.

It sounds like Fournette's decision to join Tampa was mainly influenced by Brady's presence, and his own personal frustrations with his past in Jacksonville. Just check out this quote Fournette delivered Tuesday:

Hey, wait a minute.

It's apparently easy for Fournette to forget - and part of me doesn't blame him - but he spent four game days last season taking handoffs from the guy who beat Tom Brady in Super Bowl LII.

Yeah, this guy:

Nick Foles' abbreviated time in Jacksonville was weird, injury-stunted, and unproductive, but it still happened. And I'd certainly say that Foles, a Super Bowl MVP and deep ball extraordinaire, qualifies as a "real quarterback" - even if he's an unusual one.

Now, I know Fournette wasn't maliciously taking a shot at Foles. It was probably more of a comment on the years he spent being frustrated with Blake Bortles, a largely useless QB who wasted some of the best defenses in recent NFL history.

And Foles' four games in Jacksonville were unspectacular - three touchdowns, two interceptions, and four losses - but who knows what happens if he doesn't get injured in the first half of his Jaguars debut? After all, his last play before the injury was a 35-yard pass to DJ Chark.


We'll see what the future holds for these ex-Jags. For now, Foles is backing up Mitch Trubisky in Chicago, Fournette is part of a three-headed running back room in Tampa, and the Eagles won Super Bowl LII.