McCoy crushes Hurts for brutal interception


With eight seconds left in the first half, the Eagles had the ball at the Giants' nine-yard line on third down & goal with no timeouts left. The plan seemed obvious: if the first read isn't there for Jalen Hurts, throw it away and either kick a field goal or go for it again.

Instead, Hurts threw an absolutely awful interception and the Eagles came away with zero points and plenty of frustration.

Here's the play in question, so you can understand just how brutal the pick was:

Hurts clearly realized, too late, that he'd wasted most of the remaining time and then tried to make a play. Bad situational stuff from the Eagles' QB.

And former Birds running back LeSean McCoy was just as confused, and irked, as Eagles fans by Hurts' decision-making on the play.

McCoy didn't hold back with his halftime hot take:

"High school stuff". Jeez.

But McCoy's right: outside of arm talent, speed, toughness, and anything else, the first thing a good quarterback needs to possess is game awareness. Hurts didn't just fail to make a play here; he actively hurt his team with bad in-game decision-making.

That's unacceptable, and it's the kind of stuff he can't do considering his other shortcomings as a quarterback.

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