McCoy has interesting answer on best QB of his career


LeSean McCoy is spending what will likely be his final season in the NFL with Tom Brady and the new-look Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in an attempt to win another ring and reach the 12,000-yard mark.

He's not who he used to be, but McCoy's had quite a productive career, and he's played on a number of fascinating teams, from the Chip Kelly Eagles to Andy Reid's Mahomes Machine.

McCoy was asked over the weekend who he feels is the best quarterback he played with over his career, and gave an answer that Eagles fans might be interested to hear:

"QUESTION: Who is the best quarterback you have played with (so far?)

"MCCOY: Well, I guess technically I haven't played with Tom Brady yet, but it would be Tom Brady, for sure. 

"But if I had to - dang, I almost forgot Mahomes!

"Brady would be No. 1, obviously, even though we haven't played in a game. It would go Brady, Mahomes, and then Mike Vick, and then Donovan McNabb."

Vick in front of McNabb, huh? Very interesting!

Say what you will about Donovan McNabb's time with the Eagles - and Philly fans will say plenty - but it's fair to call him the best quarterback in franchise history. Vick had some truly elite highs with the Birds, but McNabb's career as a whole was on a different level.

Of course, there's an obvious reason for McCoy listing Vick over McNabb in his ordering: it's easy to forget, but McCoy's time in Philly only overlapped with one season of McNabb. McCoy was a rookie during McNabb's last season as an Eagle, in 2009, before spending the next four years with Michael Vick (and Nick Foles) as his primary quarterback.


So McCoy has much fonder memories of playing with Vick, and he also experienced Vick at his absolute peak, while he saw McNabb on the downslope of his 13-year NFL career, even though the Eagles did indeed reach the playoffs that year.

If we're going off the time-sensitive versions of each quarterback that McCoy's played with, the 2019 edition of Mahomes certainly ranks above the 2020 edition of Brady - but McCoy can't be ruffling feathers down in Tampa Bay, so I'll give him a pass.