Lethal 3-headed monster quickly developing in Eagles' backfield

Lethal 3-headed monster quickly developing in Eagles' backfield

The Eagles have a ton of high-profile offensive weapons, from Carson Wentz to Alshon Jeffery and now even Jay Ajayi

But it was an undrafted rookie who scored three touchdowns Sunday afternoon in the Eagles' 51-23 beating of the Broncos (see story).

"It was three?" Corey Clement asked, with a smile. "I was just playing football."

Clement, the 23-year-old Glassboro, New Jersey, native, caught a 15-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. He ran for a two-yard touchdown in the third and added a four-yarder in the fourth. 

Three touchdowns in one game. That's impressive. 

He became the first Eagles rookie to score three touchdowns in the modern era, the first Eagles rookie to have a rushing TD and a receiving touchdown in a game since 1953 and the 19th rookie in NFL history to have two rushing TDs and one receiving touchdown in a game. 

But forget all the stats for a second. To make things simple, Clement is playing at an extremely high level. 

And even with the addition of Ajayi, he's going to have a role on the football team going forward. 

"Yeah, it just shows how the defense has to stay on their toes more," Clement said. "We have great weapons in this group. They have to look out for more backs now. We have me, we have (LeGarrette) Blount, we have (Wendell) Smallwood, we've got (Kenjon) Barner. We've got all these great assets on our offense that they really have to look out for."

Clement got his scoring going with the 15-yard touchdown catch in the first. That score made the game 17-3 and really began to put it away. On 3rd-and-10 in the red zone, Doug Pederson dialed up a screen pass that Clement and Carson Wentz executed to perfection. 

Clement chipped Von Miller off the edge before turning in time to catch the pass and follow a mammoth block from Brandon Brooks into the end zone. 

"It's gotta be quick," Clement said. "Once he goes by, I'm looking at Carson and he looked at me, gave me a nice ball. Caught it and turned inside, spotted my blockers, allowed the defenders to come into me and just fed off my blockers."

Clement wasn't known as a big pass-catcher at Wisconsin but has proven in the NFL that he has the ability. The same goes for his pass protection. The Eagles now rely on him quite often in third-down situations. 

There were 30 running backs taken in the 2017 draft and Clement wasn't one of them. But through nine games, he already has five touchdowns. Clement is the fourth undrafted player in Eagles history to have five touchdowns as a rookie. The other three players played in the '40s and '50s. 

"He's grown a bunch," Wentz said. "Seeing Corey all through training camp, he's just a guy that wanted to learn. He's just always ready whenever his number's called. Today, he made the most of them. He's a heckuva back, heckuva player, heckuva teammate as well. I just love seeing those backs celebrating when the other guy scores."

Clement knew immediately the last three-touchdown game he had was as a senior at Wisconsin against Illinois. He had just two three-touchdown performances in 39 college games. 

With Ajayi in the mix, it's unclear exactly how snaps and carries will be split once the Pro Bowler is completely caught up with the Eagles' offense. But Clement has shown he deserves to still be involved.  

"Once Jay got into the room, we noticed that he is definitely a competitor," Clement said. "A great contribution to a group means a lot. I am pretty sure everyone on the outside thought it was going to create some turmoil in our room but at the same time, we are having fun."

Eagles catch break with Jameis Winston's reported suspension

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Eagles catch break with Jameis Winston's reported suspension

This is bad news for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but good news for the Eagles. 

The NFL is planning on suspending Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston for the first three games of the 2018 season for a violation of the league’s personal conduct policy, according to a report Thursday by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

That means the Eagles’ Week 2 game in Tampa Bay might be a whole lot easier. After opening the season at home against the Falcons, the Eagles play their first road contest of the year against the Bucs.

Winston has played the Eagles just once in his career and was great. He led the Bucs to a 45-17 win over the Eagles at the Linc during his rookie season in 2015. In that game, he completed 65 percent of his passes for 246 yards and a career-high five touchdown passes with zero interceptions.

Winston is one of just seven quarterbacks to ever throw five touchdown passes against the Eagles in a single game; no one has ever thrown more against them in a game. The others are Matthew Stafford, Eli Manning, Joe Montana, Craig Morton, Don Meredith (twice) and Sonny Jergensen.

Winston, 24, has thrown for at least 3,500 yards and 19 touchdowns in each of his first two seasons. He made the Pro Bowl as a rookie in 2015. To put his early success into perspective, Winston has two 4,000-yard seasons in his first three seasons, the Eagles’ franchise has never had one. 

The Bucs’ backup quarterback is veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick, who actually went 2-1 in his three starts in place of Winston last season. 

But don’t let those three games fool you, the Bucs are obviously much better with Winston behind center than Fitzpatrick, who has played for five different teams over the past six years. 

According to NFL Research, the Bucs’ first three games of this season are the toughest first three games for any team in the Super  Bowl era based on last year’s records. 

Winston’s suspension stems from an alleged incident with an Uber driver in 2016. 

Roob Knows: A Billboard's chart-topper and a huge Eagles fan

Reuben Frank

Roob Knows: A Billboard's chart-topper and a huge Eagles fan

On the latest edition of Roob Knows, Reuben Frank discusses Carson Wentz's character through his injury rehab. He takes a look at the Eagles' running back depth. Also, Roob chats with Mondo Cozmo's lead man Josh Ostrander. His single "Shine" hit number one on Billboard's Adult Alternative Songs chart in January 2017. Ostrander, a Philly native and big Eagles fan, shares his journey and experiencing an Eagles Super Bowl championship.

"He's going to play opening day. I'll go as far as saying I'll be surprised right now if Carson Wentz is not the Eagles starting quarterback on opening day."

1:00 - Carson Wentz's character is unique.
5:00 - Doug Pederson has handled this offseason perfectly.
10:00 - Eagles' running back situation
15:00 - Roob Knows unbelievable stats.
17:00 - Roob's interview with Josh Ostrander of Mondo Cozmo.
19:00 - Josh's memories of the Super Bowl run.
22:00 - Josh's crazy path in music.
31:00 - Josh's Philly roots are still important to him.

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