Eagles should say no to the no-huddle offense right now


There’s a school of thought that going to a no-huddle offense at times gives the quarterback and the offense an advantage over the defense.

Don’t tell that to the Eagles.

The struggles Carson Wentz has been having this season are no secret. He leads the league in interceptions with 12 and ranks next to last in passer rating among qualifiers with a 73.2 mark.

It would stand to reason that Wentz’s numbers in just about every subcategory would be below average, but one stat group is particularly alarming.

According to Sharp Football Stats, Wentz has thrown 45 passes out of no-huddle so far this season. He has connected on just 19 of those passes for 135 yards. That’s three yards per attempt.

He’s thrown two picks and no touchdowns out of no-huddle and his rating in those situations is 31.3. Not only is that well below the 2020 league average of 86.3, Wentz’s rating is lower than it would be if he had thrown every one of his passes into the stands. The baseline for NFL passer rating is 39.6 (please don’t ask why).

For comparison, Wentz’s passer rating out of no-huddle last season was 82.6. While that’s far better than his numbers this season, it’s nearly 10 percent below the 2019 league average of 90.6.

You could chalk up this year’s no-huddle issues to the team’s limited preseason practice time, no preseason games, even the injuries that have ravaged the team’s offensive skill players and offensive line.


However you want to explain it, maybe it’s time to put the no-huddle offense on the shelf for now. Especially when you compare it to his numbers when the team does huddle. He’s not setting the world on fire, but an 86.2 rating is a darn sight better than 31.3.

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