Jenkins asked which Eagles Super Bowl team is more talented


PHOENIX — Malcolm Jenkins had a tough decision to make.

Jenkins was a hero for the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII team five years ago, but on the latest Takeoff with John Clark, Jenkins was asked which team is more talented: That team from 2017 or the Eagles team that will play the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII on Sunday.

“Honestly, I think,” Jenkins said, “man, it’s tough.”

But he came up with an answer.

“I think this team might be more talented,” Jenkins said. “When I look at offensively, we had Alshon (Jeffery) and Zach (Ertz). I think offensively is probably even just because our quarterbacks were on fire that year and we had receivers and things like that.

“Defensively, I think this defense might be better at certain spots. I think the D-line is better even though we had a killer D-line that year. What they’ve been able to do this season is remarkable. They’re definitely an upgrade at the corner position. We had two solid corners but I think (James) Bradberry and (Darius) Slay are just having phenomenal years. So those are some key positions. I think when you really try to match it up, I think talent-wise, I would probably lean more toward this unit.”

Clark hit a ton of topics with Jenkins, including what it’s like to play in the big game, about this matchup against the Chiefs, the Eagles’ turnaround and Jenkins’ upcoming new book.


The whole thing is worth a watch/listen.

And while Jenkins thinks this roster might be more talented, the routes the two Eagles Super Bowl teams took to get to the big game were different.

“We were at place where we had nothing to lose and were very, very comfortable being an underdog and staying focused,” Jenkins said. “We had a championship pedigree with so many guys we signed from the offseason that had been former Super Bowl champions. So that leadership was just a bit different and definitely a different team. But I’m excited.

“This team is one that is special. It’s a completely different journey than the one we had and so as a fan now I’m looking and really excited to see what this team can do, if they can cap off this great season they’ve had and bring a championship back home to Philadelphia.”

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