Malcolm Jenkins gives Super Bowl tickets to man imprisoned 30 years

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Malcolm Jenkins gives Super Bowl tickets to man imprisoned 30 years

Malcolm Jenkins is giving his Super Bowl tickets to a man he met in prison last year.

Jenkins, who obviously doesn't need the two tickets awarded to him for being named a Walter Payton Man of the Year finalist, is giving them to Kempis Songster, a man he met at Graterford Prison as he was trying to learn more about the criminal justice system, according to the NY Daily News.

Jenkins, of course, has been one of the most socially active athletes around these last few years, going on ridealongs with Philly cops and leading a group of players and ex-players in meetings with politicians and lawmakers in D.C. and Harrisburg.

As for Songster, he was released from maximum security prison last month after spending 30 years behind bars for a murder he committed in a Philadelphia crack house at the age of 15. (For more details, check out the NY Daily News story.)

"A few weeks ago, I saw an article come across my text that he was getting out, and I wanted to do something special for him," Jenkins told the Daily News. "I didn't know what, but I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate him coming home because I understood he really dedicated himself to a life of service and he's trying to repay what he's taken from society. I know he has some great ideas and we're trying to accomplish the same thing when we talk about reform and healing our communities."

Eagle Eye: Bet your money Wentz starts vs Falcons

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Eagle Eye: Bet your money Wentz starts vs Falcons

On this edition of Eagle Eye, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks discuss Carson Wentz participating in 11-on-11's. Why Barrett would put money on him starting the regular season opener. Brandon Graham is back at practice and Gunner got a chance to talk to him recently. Also, the Redskins sign Adrian Peterson and the guys think it's a great fit for the veteran running back.

1:00 - Gunner and Barrett's weekend update.
4:30 - Carson Wentz is back on 11-on-11's. Why it's a significant step.
9:30 - Brandon Graham is back practicing. Gunner had a chance to talk with him.
13:00 - Adrian Peterson signs with the Redskins.

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Carson Wentz feels good but big hurdle remains to start Week 1

Carson Wentz feels good but big hurdle remains to start Week 1

As Carson Wentz answered questions about how his practice went yesterday, the first day he was back in full-team 11-on-11 drills since late July, he couldn’t help but channel his inner Ice Cube. 

“I felt good,” Wentz said. “Knee was feeling good. It was a good day.” 

A good day indeed. 

As the Eagles’ franchise quarterback continues to rehab his torn ACL and LCL that he suffered back on Dec. 10, his goal has never changed. He wants to be ready to play in the Week 1 opener on Sept. 6, but it won’t ultimately be his call. He still says it’ll be “close.” 

It seems like Wentz is confident he’ll be ready to go, but the doctors need to clear him for contact. That remains the final hurdle before he can play in a game. 

“I feel good,” Wentz said. “Like I said, I think you guys see me out there. I have really no hesitation in the pocket when guys are around me. I feel really good but it’s going to come down to if they feel confident in contact and when that is. I can’t say yet.”

Wentz said he doesn’t know when the final test to be cleared for contact will come, but he is heavily involved with the doctors and trainers as they execute his rehab plan. They obviously need to listen to his input. 

After Wentz did full-team drills early in training camp, the Eagles backed off him for a few weeks. That was part of the plan, but was also likely impacted by the fear of unnecessary risk in an uncontrolled environment. 

That led to a frustrating few weeks.  

“I want to be out there every day,” Wentz said this morning. “I want to be a full participant in every single thing. But that wasn’t totally my call and you just have to be smart in those situations. It was tough, but yeah, getting out there in the full-team drills, I definitely enjoyed it.” 

Wentz said there’s nothing, in particular, he wants to see from himself over the next few weeks. Really, he just wants to get more reps with his teammates, specifically some new faces he’s throwing to. 

Doug Pederson on Sunday said Wentz and Nick Foles will split first-team reps 50-50 as the team starts to prepare both for the season opener on Sept. 6. 

Eventually, even if it doesn’t happen for Week 1, Wentz will be cleared for contact and will play in an NFL game. It won’t happen this preseason, but whenever it comes, Week 1, 2, whatever, he’s going to need to trust that knee. 

He doesn’t think there will be a mental hurdle to overcome. 

“I don’t think so,” he said. “I feel good out there. Obviously I haven’t been hit yet, but out there in the team drills, guys flying all around, all those things, I don’t feel like I have any mental hesitation. And I’m personally not worried about it.” 

Wentz has come a long way since Dec. 10 and the subsequent surgery. He called the rehab a “grueling process.” 

“Just from a rehab standpoint, when you’re in the building almost every day of the week, all offseason, you really don’t get any break,” Wentz said. “And then just the physical limitations early on and overcoming that step by step, it’s been a grueling process but I’m thankful for the progress that I have made.” 

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