Malik Jackson explains his veteran move that went viral on Sunday


In the final minutes of the Eagles’ win over the 49ers on Sunday afternoon, Malik Jackson tried to pull a sly little move that took the internet by storm.

The 49ers had the ball at the 1-yard line as they tried to chip into the Eagles’ 11-point lead and the refs were taking a little too long to get the play going.

That’s when an opportunistic Jackson slyly pushed the football back a few inches with his right foot.

He might have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those pesky side judges. They blew their whistles and ran in to re-spot the ball before the snap.

Did the 49ers say anything about it?

“Nah they didn’t say (anything),” Jackson said on Thursday. “I don’t think anybody else saw it except the judges by the goal lines on each side of the goal lines. They were the only ones that really saw it. Luckily I didn’t get a delay of game. I mean, it would have moved literally four inches forward so it wouldn’t have mattered.”

After the ball was reset, the 49ers scored on a 1-yard touchdown run but failed the 2-point conversion. Eventually, the Eagles won 25-20, picking up their first W of the season.

In the game, Jackson had 1 tackle, 2 QB hits and 1 fumble recovery. But on Thursday he of course had to be asked about that sneaky move and if he had ever done it before.


“Have I ever gotten away with it? No, I’ve never been that brave to go out there and do that stuff,” Jackson said. “A few plays before that the quarterback (spiked the ball) when the ref fell and it was still first down after that play and they moved the ball up. I was like ‘they owe us a few yards,’ so what’s a few inches?”

Jackson said he felt like the refs owed the Eagles a few yards, but that play when the ref fell down wasn’t until the 49ers’ next offensive drive. So maybe Jackson got a little confused or maybe he’s a time traveler.

Either way, that little foot nudge was pretty funny.