Merrill Reese tells us how he really feels about Washington, FedExField


The Eagles kicked off their 2020 season on the road against the Washington Football team and for the first time in his career, legendary radio play-by-play announcer, Merrill Reese, would be calling the game from a different location.

It's a new adjustment for the season in an attempt to keep those working as safe as possible with COVID-19 still very present across the country. If you know Reese's work, you know his personality is one of the most iconic elements of an Eagles game, but it was no different in an interview he had with NBC Sports Philadelphia's Marc Zumoff.

When asked about this new work experience, the voice of the Eagles had an incredible perspective and even found a way to roast FedExField in the process.

"I was delighted, I was thrilled to be a part of an NFL game," Reese said. "Different, because I was at the Linc in a large suite and they were in Landover, Maryland.

"Although, in this case, it was an improvement because I have been complaining about that dump for years. Daniel Snyder, who is not exactly Mr. Popularity in the nation's capital, has the visiting broadcast booth in the corner, low in the corner of the stadium, where the fans come almost up to the window so they can call us names.

"There's a big overhead over the booth, so if I look up I can't see the scoreboard. And when they go past the 50, I can't tell if they go five yards or 15 yards.


"It was the best view I have had for a Washington away game in years ... I was delighted."

Reese is one of a kind and he's all ours, Philadelphia. How lucky are we?