Jalen Hurts in his second NFL start on Sunday became the first Eagles quarterback to pass for 300+ yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown in a game since Mike Vick did it in 2010.

On Monday, Vick was asked how close he is to saying Hurts is the future for the Eagles.

“I’m very close and for a lot of different reasons,” Vick said on FS1’s Undisputed. “And because yesterday, that was just a smooth performance by Jalen Hurts. It was effortless. I thought he did all the right things in all the right key moments other than win the game. He didn’t turn it over and I certainly felt like he positioned himself.

“When you look at a guy like Jalen Hurts and his skillset and what he brings to the table, you automatically start thinking about the future, building around him and how the offense can potentially progress and what you can do in it. I know if I’m thinking that way, Doug Pederson has to be thinking the same.”

Vick compared the Wentz-Hurts situation to what the Cowboys went through a few years ago with Tony Romo and Dak Prescott. There were differences in that case, of course. Romo got hurt in 2016, which forced Prescott, a fourth-rounder, into the lineup. And Romo, at that point, was at the end of his career, while Wentz should be entering his prime.

But Vick’s point was more about seeing what the right quarterback can do for a team. And it’s pretty clear the Eagles have been playing better with Hurts in the last two games.


“You can’t win if you don’t have the right guy behind center,” Vick said. “Not to say that Carson wasn’t the right guy but it was starting to look like the paint was just running a little bit dry on the wall. Philadelphia Eagles fans probably feel like they need something new. I know that’s the way they feel and they don’t give you too much time out there.

“And when it’s some new blood, a guy like Jalen where it looks like you can build around him, why not go for it? I think now it’s a tell-tale sign for Doug Pederson and the organization, getting a good look at Jalen so they can make a decision.”

We wrote about that decision yesterday. The Eagles will probably end up with just four games with Hurts as the starter to make that evaluation.

While Vick seems to think Hurts is the future in Philly, he doesn’t think this is the end for Wentz. In fact, he thinks Wentz can revitalize his career if he ends up in the right spot.

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