Miles Sanders: It’s ‘messed up’ that Carson Wentz is taking all the heat


The Eagles benched Carson Wentz in favor of Jalen Hurts this week but a few of his teammates have made sure to point out the team’s struggles offensively aren’t all on him.

Jason Kelce, as one of the most veteran players on the team, put the blame on players, coaches and even the front office. He has the stature to do that.

But even Miles Sanders on Thursday made sure to point out this isn’t all on Carson. Sanders even pointed in the mirror.

“It’s messed up, kinda, because you know, the guy that’s probably feeling the most and taking the most heat is Carson, but at the end of the day, this whole offense has a part in the reason why we are the way we are,” Sanders said.

“Even me, my fumble, dropped passes and some missed blocking assignments, I obviously have to tighten up my game also. Everybody, collectively as an offense has to put everything together, it’s not just on the quarterbacks.”

It’s true. We can say that Doug Pederson hasn’t used Sanders enough this season — he hasn’t — but Sanders has lost two fumbles and has dropped eight passes. He’s not the biggest problem, but he’s contributed to the overall problem. Everyone has.

The difference, of course, is that the quarterback is the focal point of the offense and a player like Wentz is supposed to be able to cover up those other offensive problems. Instead of covering up those problems, Wentz has created too many of his own, which is why the Eagles finally benched him.


“Honestly, all I can really say is that it’s tough,” Sanders said. “I honestly don’t know exactly what he’s going through, but I definitely have been in his position before to the point where I’m not playing. I tell him every day since Sunday that I got his back no matter what. I’m still talking to him, everybody’s still talking to him. He’s out there with a great attitude, he’s giving great looks for the defense and, like I said, if anybody’s in this situation, I honestly wouldn’t know how to tell them how to handle it. But he’s handled it pretty well and we just need a spark for the team and just to get stuff going.

“We got off track and coach Doug, he decided to go with Jalen and that’s what we’re going to do. So we’re going to use all this just to encourage him and get confidence behind him [Hurts] because he’s the guy right now.”

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