Missouri radio station bans The Eagles until Super Bowl


Every year, when the Super Bowl rolls around, the cities of the teams involved do some out of the ordinary things. The mayors of the two cities customarily make some outlandish bet, huge pep rallies are held, and local radio stations hop aboard the bandwagons with any promotion they possibly can.

One station in Missouri has fired the first salvo, but not necessarily at Philadelphia, or its football team. 

Radio station KJMK in Joplin, Missouri – a full 150 miles south of Kansas City – announced that beginning Monday, it will boycott the music of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees The Eagles for the entirety of Super Bowl Week.

“We love the Chiefs, and want to do our part to show support for our ‘Mahomies’ in their efforts to bring another championship to Kansas City,” Thom Watts, the station’s program director said. 

Not only are songs by The Eagles out, but also songs recorded by solo projects from members of the band. 

I’m all for pledging allegiance to your team, but I feel like denying the greater Joplin area timeless songs like “Take It Easy,” “Tequila Sunrise,” and “Desperado” isn’t the flex that they think it is, and it’s not like it really puts a dent in a catalog that plays songs from a 30-year window. 

But there is a way to combat this. There might be a way to place requests online to the radio station. And there are plenty of classic songs with a Philadelphia, eagle or eagle-adjacent theme:


•    “Fly Like An Eagle,” Steve Miller Band

•    “Philadelphia Freedom,” Elton John

•    “Learn To Fly,” Foo Fighters

•    “Fly By Night,” Rush

•    “Where Eagles Dare,” Iron Maiden

•    “Fly,” Sugar Ray

•    “Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme),” Bill Conti

I’m not telling you that you should make as many requests as humanly possible. I’m not telling you not to either.