Is Agholor really making Eagles regret letting him go?


The Eagles are struggling mightily after two weeks, and to make matters even worse, some folks are making Nelson Agholor's redemption story sound like the greatest comeback of all-time.

Is Agholor really making the Eagles look like fools for moving on from him after five years in Philly?


On Monday night, Agholor made a solid play in space, which quickly went mini-viral on Philadelphia sports Twitter:

Then, on Tuesday morning, NFL Network's Good Morning Football was reacting to the Raiders' Monday night win over the Saints when the theme of second-chance players was brought up, and Agholor received a shoutout:

"Nelson Agholor is a punchline in Philadelphia. Nelson Agholor made more plays on Monday night than any of the Eagles' receivers did in any of their two losses the first two weeks."

Alright, we're all going to need to calm down real quick.

Through two games, the Raiders are 2-0 and look better than most people expected. Derek Carr is playing some solid football. Josh Jacobs is an elite running back. Darren Waller is an elite tight end.

What about Nelson Agholor?

He's played 27 snaps, and has two catches on two targets for 42 yards and a touchdown. Not exactly world-beating stuff.

But this is what happens when social media highlights go viral, and fans - and media? - run with those highlights. Both of Agholor's catches this year have had a little bit of the "wow" factor, at least at first glance, so it's easy to feel like he's rolling with the Raiders.


In reality, the touchdown in Week 1 was a great throw from Carr into single coverage against a rookie cornerback, an obvious win for any replacement-level wide receiver:

I guarantee Jalen Reagor does the same thing in that situation.

And the catch-and-run on Monday night was a catch one yard beyond the line of scrimmage, with a good run after the catch. That's nothing new. Eagles fans know Agholor can be explosive. 

Eagles fans also know Agholor does stuff like this:

Could Nelly take the momentum (if you want to call it that?) from these two early-season catches and turn it into a nice little bounce back year in Las Vegas? Sure, it's possible. He's still astoundingly gifted as a pure athlete. 

But we should be honest: Agholor has two catches in two weeks. The Eagles aren't missing anything.