New safety Deiondre' Hall already going crazy for Eagles

New safety Deiondre' Hall already going crazy for Eagles

On Thursday night, Deiondre' Hall found himself in his hotel room in South Philadelphia rooting on guys he had known for just a few days. 

He was going crazy. 

The Eagles traded a conditional seventh-round pick to get the safety on Sept. 1. A few days later, Hall was already fully invested in the Eagles’ season opener, even if he couldn’t be there. 

Hall, 24, was suspended for the first game of the 2018 season for a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. That suspension followed Hall from Chicago and meant he was forced to watch the Eagles’ 18-12 win over the Falcons from his nearby hotel room.

“Seeing those guys go and ball out was crazy, especially in those last two minutes,” Hall said Monday afternoon. “I’m jumping and screaming at the TV.”

For the first time since joining the Eagles a little over a week ago, Hall will be allowed to practice with his new team this week. The safety, with a corner background, was once a fourth-round pick out of Northern Iowa. 

He’s already fitting in. 

“I came in and I haven’t stopped smiling since I’ve been here,” Hall said. “It’s a little different culture, but it’s a winning culture.” 

It’s been helpful that he had a previous relationship with Eagles VP of player personnel Joe Douglas (it’s probably why he’s here) and some members of the team, like cornerback De’Vante Bausby. 

Oh yeah, he also knows the franchise quarterback. 

Hall and Carson Wentz were frequent competitors during their college days, Hall at Northern Iowa and Wentz at North Dakota State. Including the Eagles-Bears game in 2016, Hall and Wentz have faced each other five times before. 

Who has had the advantage? 

“Wentz definitely did,” Hall said. 

From 2012-15, Northern Iowa was 1-3 against North Dakota State. Add that to the Bears’ loss to the Eagles in 2016 and Hall is 1-4 lifetime against Wentz. 

He’s pretty happy to be on the same team now. 

“[Wentz] was one of the first faces I saw when I got in the building,” Hall said. “It was great to see him. We used to go up against each other all the time in college. Now to be teammates, that’s awesome.”

Hall is the Eagles’ fourth safety and he isn’t sure yet which special teams units he’ll be on. When Chris Maragos is ready to come off PUP and is healthy enough to play, the Eagles will have a decision to make. 

It’ll be up to Hall to make it a tough one. 

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On this edition of Eagle Eye, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks discuss the Eagles' victory over the Colts. The guys agree that Carson Wentz looked good in his season debut. Wendell Smallwood was a pleasant surprise.

This defense will give Carson Wentz some room for error to shake off any rust.

Derrick and Barrett take a look at the NFC East picture after week three. Also, is Patrick Mahomes the only consistent thing in the NFL right now?

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How Doug Pederson got a huge call to go Eagles’ way


How Doug Pederson got a huge call to go Eagles’ way

Sometimes the squeaky wheel really does get the oil. 

It worked in Doug Pederson’s favor Sunday in the Eagles’ 20-16 win over the Colts, when the Eagles got a much-needed defensive holding call to extend their game-winning touchdown drive. 

Pederson revealed Monday morning on WIP that earlier in the game, he called over the referee to let him know that the Colts’ defensive line had been holding their offensive tackles. Pederson told him to just “be aware of it.” 

Then on 4th-and-5 at a crucial moment in the fourth quarter, that little chat ended up helping the Eagles in a big way. 

That’s a pretty clear hold. Jabaal Sheard holds Lane Johnson so Margus Hunt can get around the edge on a stunt. It works and Hunt forces Wentz to throw the ball early. 

Maybe if Hunt isn’t in his face, Wentz delivers a perfect pass to Jordan Matthews to get the first down. He probably does, but we’ll never know. If you think the Eagles get a first down, we’d have to assume Wentz’s non-pressured throw would be on the money and Matthews would catch it. Very possible, likely even, but not guaranteed. 

This penalty gave the Eagles the first down and they scored the go-ahead touchdown seven plays later. 

During Monday’s press conference, I asked Pederson if he’s strategic in bringing up these things to refs: 

No, it’s common practice. I get a chance to meet with officials before the game. I get a chance to meet with the head referee before pregame. Listen, it’s a tough job. And if there’s something out there that we see, they want to know about it so they can get it right. It’s not strategic, it’s not planned in any way. It’s something that we saw throughout the game and wanted to bring to their attention and it was a true hold on Lane and they got it right. It’s not a competitive advantage other than we just want to make sure that everything is officiated correctly. I’m sure Frank (Reich) had things on their sideline too that he could talk to them about. It’s fair game, so to speak. It’s just common practice throughout the league.

It might not have been strategic, but it’s a good thing Pederson pointed out those penalties that hadn’t been called earlier in the game. 

Holding calls on defensive linemen are pretty rare; it’s not something refs are probably super focused on during games. They’re looking for holding from offensive linemen and from defensive backs. So Pederson’s bringing it up to the officials likely put it on their radar. 

And it helped the Eagles when they really needed it.

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