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Newest Eagles' o-line starter reached out to the best for advice

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Five right guards ago, there was Brandon Brooks, and he’s the best in the business.

  So when veteran interior lineman Jamon Brown got to Philadelphia, he reached out to the rehabbing Brooks.

  “We've conversed and met and chopped it up a little bit,” Brown said. “Because I’m a sponge I try to pick anyone’s brain. He’s a great football player, he brings a lot to this team, and I respect that, and so I’ve tried to get to know him, get to learn him. Because I want to be around here, and he’s one of the guys around here. He’s a great guy to lean on, he’s obviously played very good football, so I’ve tried to study him a little bit and then bring a little bit of my swag with it.”

  With Brooks sidelined and the Eagles needing interior line depth, they signed Brown off the Bears’ practice squad on Sept. 15.

  Jason Peters initially replaced Brooks before moving to left tackle and then getting hurt. Nate Herbig was next up at right guard before moving to left guard to replace injured Isaac Seumalo. Then it was Matt Pryor’s turn, but he’s on the COVID list and unavailable Sunday, so Brown will start against the Ravens, becoming the Eagles’ fifth right guard this year.

  Jason Kelce will be the only Eagles offensive lineman Sunday who's started more than five games in an Eagles uniform, and the Eagles will be using their fifth different o-line in six games.

  The fact that this unit has been able to function speaks volumes about Jeff Stoutland, the Eagles’ offensive line coach since Chip Kelly’s first year.

  “Man you’ve got to love Stout,” Brown said. “You’ve got to love his energy, just the guy he is. But I’ve got to tip my hat to how he prepares (players). He tries to make sure he gives all of the tools to everybody in the room, and so that way nothing looks different. Whether you’ve got Lane Johnson or you’ve got Jack Driscoll, he wants it all to look the same. Whether you’ve got Matt Pryor, or Jamon Brown or Brandon Brooks. And with that I think the room has really embodied that, and that’s why you’ve kind of been able to plug and chug with different guys.”  

Brown was the Rams’ 3rd-round pick in 2015 and started 30 games for the Rams, eight for the Giants in 2018 and nine for the Falcons in 2019.

  “That’s a lot of what I’m leaning on,” he said. “I’m going to take the experiences that I’ve had over the past five years and plug it into this system and go from there. I’ve played a lot of football, it hasn’t been too big of an adjustment here, it’s just really just converting terminology and techniques. I think I’ve had a good week of really getting in there and grinding at that, and so I’m excited to see what happens on Sunday.”

  What happens next?

  Pryor should be back next week or the week after at the latest. When Peters comes back, he could move back to right guard considering the way Mailata is playing. And if Seumalo returns, Herbig could be in line for right guard.

  Brown isn’t thinking past Sunday.

  “Man, I can’t really control that,” he said. “All I’m trying to do is go out there and be good enough to help us win this football game. Everything as far as who’s in that position come next week, that’s for the coaches to decide. I’ve just got to be where my feet are. You know what I mean? And so that’s making sure I’m ready to block this front seven of the Ravens. They have a good football team and I’ll be ready.”