New York and D.C. newspaper headlines crush Eagles


The Eagles' tanking performance in Week 17 caused hysteria among national pundits, local writers, Giants players and New York fans. While it was a meaningless game for the Birds in terms of playoff contention, the discourse it created has been nonstop entertainment.

In sports-crazed markets in the Northeast, sports newspaper headlines are always a comic delight. Papers in both Philly and D.C. didn't disappoint, as The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Washington Post were perfectly in sync:

The Philadelphia Daily News threw their hat in the ring as well:

The most schadenfreude-inducing headlines, however, came from the Big Apple. Again, both Giants players and fans were irate that the Eagles didn't put up a fight against Washington, gifting Ron Rivera's squad the division and eliminating any chance New York had at the postseason.

I would not call Sunday night a "failure" for the Birds, but I digress.

The paper I would crown the winner, however, is The New York Post:

Philadelphians are slurping up those New Yorker tears.