Why Kornacki calls Eagles biggest playoff threat to Washington


Before Week 15's Sunday games kick off, the Eagles sit in third place in the ugly NFC East with three games to play. Washington is riding a surprising win streak, and the Giants sit .039 win percentage points ahead of the Birds.

So why does one analyst see the Eagles as the biggest threat in the NFC East right now?

Big board master and odds analyst Steve Kornacki joined NBC Sports Washington's Kickoff Live show on Sunday to chat about the Washington Football Team's playoff picture, which seems rosy ahead of their Week 15 matchup with the Seahawks. 

Washington has a 71% chance of winning the NFC East with three games to go. Most fans would take those odds, right?

But here's what Kornacki thinks Washington should worry about, in terms of threats within their own division:

"When asked who Washington's biggest threat from the NFC East in making their playoff dreams a reality, Kornacki's answer was clear and without hesitation. 

"'I'm gonna say Philly and I'll say it for two reasons,' Kornacki said. 'No. 1, I think (Jalen) Hurts is now a wild card. His emergence changed something about Philadelphia, made them a better team, made the players around him better. He's a threat on the ground, at least he was last week as he gives them an added dimension here.'



"And the other reason I would say Philadelphia, is that you've got the final game of the year. Philly-Washington. And if Philly can get into that game within striking distance to where a win could give them the division, I think that's another factor where the Giants just won't have that."

It's not easy for Eagles fans to feel good about the team's postseason prospects with a 4-8-1 record. 

A non-winning season is guaranteed, no matter what happens down the stretch. The former franchise quarterback is in shambles, and might want out. No one can figure out if head coach Doug Pederson's still got it, or what to do about general manager Howie Roseman's myriad mistakes.

But a playoff run is still fun in the moment, so the Eagles having some semblance of a shot at scoring a home game in the first round is extremely intriguing.

Sunday, when the Eagles face off against the Cards - and Washington takes on the Seahawks - will go a long way towards telling us if the Birds are a true threat for the division, or merely smoke and mirrors.

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