NFL insider: Someone gets fired if Eagles don't win division


The Eagles' current leadership structure of Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman, and Doug Pederson will be revered in Philadelphia forever for bringing the city its first Super Bowl in 2017.

But right now, as the Birds tailspin and the face of the franchise sputters, it's unclear if the triumvirate will be intact next season.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, unquestionably the most plugged-in reporter covering the NFL, job security for the Eagles' biggest names seems to be riding on a divison title.

Schefter joined 97.5 The Fanatic's Marc Farzetta on Wednesday morning to talk Eagles football, and said what a lot of Birds fans have been thinking: if the season continues on its current pathetic trajectory, someone is going to lose their job. 

Here's Schefter:

"You do get that [Super Bowl] window, and Doug Pederson's a great man and a great coach. But we all know, and I've said this to you before, that if this team keeps losing, that the fans who are listening, they're going to want blood. So if this team finishes 5-11, and loses out on the tie for that division title, my question is: who pays for that? Who pays for that? Because somebody's going to.

"Somebody, and maybe more than somebody, is going to lose his job if this team doesn't win the division. Now, again, you wait to see who gets executed."

Well, that doesn't really leave much to the imagination: it's NFC East title or bust for at least one major part of the organization this year.


The obvious names are Pederson and Roseman, and then there's also some thought as to whether Carson Wentz's abysmal performance this year could lead to him losing the starting quarterback job. The Eagles are more than likely stuck under his mammoth contract through 2023, but they don't have to play him.

The idea of firing Pederson three years after he won the Eagles' first Super Bowl - and in dramatic, legacy-making fashion - is something no fan could've imagined, but he's clearly lost his playcalling touch and he hasn't been able to maximize his expensive franchise QB, two of the most important parts of his identity as a head coach.

Roseman cobbled together a Super Bowl winner just two years after the end of the awful Chip Kelly experiment, but he's mismanaged the current roster on numerous fronts, and the Eagles' future isn't particularly bright in terms of the players currently in the building.

And Wentz could've been MVP in 2017, but has been inconsistent in the seasons since, and now looks just outright bad.

Which one could be on the outs? Could it be all three? Right now, my best guess is Pederson, which I think would be a mistake - he still gets his guys to play hard, because players love a players' coach. I would fire Roseman first; I think his handling of aging players and their contracts has been too bad to excuse.

In any case, if the Eagles don't win the division, buckle up.

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