NFL insider details what Hurts' contract will look like


Everyone in the greater football universe knows Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts is about to get paid. The kind of paid that changes the lives of his great-great-great grandchildren. PAID paid.

The question is not the magnitude of his impending contract extension, but where exactly the final numbers land.

On his weekly radio hit with 97.5 The Fanatic, ESPN insider Adam Schefter chimed in with a brief-but-helpful assessment of where he believes Hurts' contract is headed.

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Here's what Schefter had to say Wednesday morning:

"My guess is Hurts is north of $45 [million per year]. $45 [million] is a starting point for him."

Whew. That is a large number.

If Hurts' extension lands exactly at $45 million average annual value, that would put him tied with Patrick Mahomes, who signed a 10-year, $450 million mega deal at 24 years old. 

And if Hurts ends up north of $45 million in AAV as Schefter believes he could, that would put him in the top five AAV in the league. Here's the current top five:

  1. Aaron Rodgers: $50M AAV over 3 years
  2. Russell Wilson: $48M AAV over 5 years
  3. Kyler Murray: $46M AAV over 5 years
  4. Deshaun Watson: $46M AAV over 5 years
  5. Patrick Mahomes: $45M AAV over 10 years

Two of those guys are very late in their careers. Two of those guys haven't reached Super Bowls. One of those guys was accused of serial sexual assault and abuse by dozens of women. They all have their qualifiers. Hurts doesn't have one.

All that's to say, there is little to no reason to think Hurts won't land in that money range and be worth every dollar the Eagles spend.


If I had to wager a guess right now I would say Howie Roseman locks Hurts up on a five-year, $235 million deal that comes out to $47 million AAV with a big guarantee, a big signing bonus, and some creative bookwork that allows the Eagles to try and re-load for a Super Bowl pursuit next year. Few in the league are as good as Roseman at making the salary cap work for him, and he knows from his last big-money quarterback deal that you have to constantly be looking down the road if you want to make this work. I believe Roseman can do it.

That said, locking up $47 million per year in one player means you'll have $177.8 million to spread across the rest of the roster. The Eagles have plenty of question marks up and down the depth chart heading into the offseason. Once pen hits paper on Hurts' extension, Roseman will have his work cut out for him. But that's the price of having a franchise QB.