NFL insider weighs in on Sirianni 'hot seat' speculation


A number of Eagles fans have been unimpressed with Nick Sirianni's first six games as the team's head coach. His play calling feels uninspired, a few of his in-game decisions have been flat-out wrong, and for some reason he hates giving the ball to Miles Sanders.

Not a great start!

It feels a little early to call for a guy's job, but the relentless news cycle spins on, and some fans are particularly impatient. 

So when FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer fielded questions from football fans for his weekly #AskGlazer Twitter segment, he was asked if Sirianni might be on the hot seat already.

Here's what Glazer, one of the more plugged-in reporters who accurately predicted the Zach Ertz trade, had to offer:

"No. Not at all. Listen, he's a first-year head coach there, and I know Philadelphia is tough, but he's not on the hot seat this early on. But that's what happens in Philly, right? Just want to say, 'Oh my gosh, we're losing,' but no. They're not going to fire him after year one."

Yeah, that sounds about right. Some organizations around the league aren't afraid to dispatch coaches after one bad season, but the Eagles are historically fairly patient with head coaches. The only time in franchise history that a newly-hired head coach didn't get at least a second season was in 1951, when Bo McMillin had to step down midway through the season because of a stomach cancer diagnosis.


Every other newly-hired coach in Eagles history saw at least a second season. I can't imagine Sirianni is going to be the first guy the boot after a single year, unless he shows a complete lack of growth over the next 11 games and does a bunch of stuff wrong.

Has Sirianni really given Eagles fans many reasons to be excited about his future as a head coach in the NFL? Eh, not really.

NBC Sports Philadelphia's Reuben Frank has been all over Sirianni's shortcomings as well, including this assessment of his play calling after the Week 6 loss:

"I can’t help believing Sirianni needs to hand off play calling to someone else, at least for a few weeks so he can step back and regroup as a play caller. There’s a lot of talent on this offense, but it’s being largely wasted. Sirianni just has no flair for this. No idea how to keep a defense guessing. Nothing inventive or creative."

But he's still just started. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and let him try to grow on the job for now.

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