Insider: Eagles' QB quest could have surprising obstacle


While Jalen Hurts is busy trying to convince the Eagles' front office he can be a franchise cornerstone, the team's decision-makers are still investigating every possible QB option as the organization heads into a key offseason.

Draft a prospect of the future? Trade for a seasoned vet? The options, because of the Eagles' draft capital, feel limitless.

Earlier this week NBC Sports' Peter King had an idea of five teams who might be circling a potential Russell Wilson trade - and, by extension, likely an Aaron Rodgers trade or Deshaun Watson trade: the Eagles, Panthers, Broncos, Steelers, and Dolphins. All teams that have been previously linked to at least one of the likely moveable quarterbacks who could be available this offseason. Makes sense!

But on Wednesday, in his weekly radio hit with 97.5 The Fanatic, ESPN insider Adam Schefter lobbed an interesting hypothetical into the offseason QB pursuit pool: how about one team in New York?

Schefter and the 97.5 guys were looking at teams who might end up ahead of the Eagles in the 2022 NFL Draft if they keep winning, and the Dolphins dig out of their once-dire hole. One unexpected team that caught everyone's eye was the... New York Giants.

And here's what Schefter had on the Giants' potential QB perusals:

"97.5: The Jets won't be shopping for a quarterback. Do you think the Giants will? Right now, gut feeling?


"SCHEFTER: I would say no right now... but I don't rule it out. I think they like Daniel Jones, I think they want to like Daniel Jones [laughs], I think they want to stand behind Daniel Jones. But if the season down the stretch goes south, it's hard to stand behind Daniel Jones."

Uh oh. Is Daniel Jones on the just-a-little-bit-hot seat?

And will the Eagles have yet another competitor in the QB lottery?

It's a fascinating question, and one I'm sure very few football fans have an answer to. Jones hasn't been a bust, but he also hasn't exactly lived up to the No. 6 overall pick. He's accounted for 10 TDs (eight passing, two rushing) this year while throwing five interceptions and fumbling seven times. He's averaging a career-high completion percentage at 64.8%, but that ranks 25th in the league among quarterbacks with at least 125 pass attempts. His yards per attempt figure (7.0) is also a career-best, but again it ties him for 25th in the league.

Jones is an unremarkable quarterback, and the Giants are looking for a franchise guy. Through 36 games, I feel secure in saying he probably isn't the one. But Jones is under contract for another year at a very manageable $8.3 million cap hit, plus the fifth-year option is available to the team, meaning they could keep him around let him grow while looking for better options... or they could go for broke and try to land someone better.

Which is where things get interesting for Eagles fans.

Right now the Eagles have No. 5 pick from the Dolphins, their own No. 10 pick, and the No. 15 pick from the Colts in the 2022 NFL Draft. The Giants have their own No. 6 pick, and the No. 8 pick from the Bears. The draft pick value chart says No. 5 and No. 10 carries the same value (3,000 points) as No. 6 and No. 8. So if Eagles fans (and, frankly, the front office) hoped they could swing a deal for a Russell Wilson-type for just two first-round picks without surrendering all three this year? It might be harder than we initially expected, if the Giants want to sneak into that QB conversation. 

(The Dolphins have a pair of first-round picks in 2023, plus a 2022 first from the 49ers which currently sits at No. 12. But we already know they're a threat.)

I won't be surprised if the Giants try to move on from Jones this offseason, but I think they'd be best served waiting it out. This isn't a team ready to make a leap with a new quarterback, and also Jones isn't terrible. There's serious value in trying to build a team around a cheap, middling quarterback and then figuring the position out from there.

And, selfishly, it would be nice if the Eagles didn't have to battle with an in-division rival.

But we shall see.

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