NFL insider: One GM sounds interested in a Wentz trade


The Eagles trading Carson Wentz still sounds like a sentence from an alternate reality, but after his miserable 2020 and Jalen Hurts' solid first start in a surprise win over the Saints, it no longer feels impossible.

The rumblings about Wentz's future have grown extremely loud over the last couple weeks. On Monday morning, NBC Sports' NFL insider Peter King broke down the Hurts situation from a number of angles, including the "Could Wentz get traded?" side of things.

He had a very interesting insight into at least one NFL front office:

"One GM whose team will be in the market for a quarterback this offseason told me last week he will seriously study Wentz when the season ends. He said: 'What's happened with him concerns me. But I've seen him play well too many times to think there's some fatal flaw there. I don't think the Eagles will move him. I wouldn’t if I were them.' It's tampering for a GM to say, 'I'm interested.' But I can sense there will be some interest if the Eagles decide to trade him, questionable contract and all."

So it sounds like, if the Eagles choose to make that big move this offseason, there will indeed be some sort of market for Wentz. Very interesting.

Here's a quick list of teams that I think will likely be in the QB market this offseason - either definitely looking for a new one, or at least seriously re-evaluating their current guy:

  • 49ers
  • Washington
  • Bears
  • Lions
  • Jets
  • Colts
  • Jaguars
  • Broncos
  • Patriots

King has a fairly close relationship with a number of those front offices, including Indianapolis's Chris Ballard, San Francisco's John Lynch, and more.

Now, it's important to note King also said that, as of Monday morning, the Eagles 'have not' decided to deal Wentz:

"As of this morning, I bet the majority of their top people think he’ll be back in 2021. But if Hurts has three more games like Sunday's? We’ll see."

Oh, the intrigue!

On Sunday morning, reports emerged indicating that Hurts will get to start the final three games. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson declined to name Hurts the Week 15 starter on Sunday night, but I just can't imagine he goes back to Wentz after the way the rookie played against New Orleans.

And if Hurts get those three starts, and performs well? Look out.

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