Should the Eagles have been interested in Desmond King?


Another stud defensive back could be on the move before tomorrow's NFL trade deadline, as the Chargers are reportedly shopping Desmond King.

The Chargers nabbed King in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. For all those Eagles fans who love to drown in their own misery, it's worth noting that he was taken 19 picks after the Birds selected running back Donnel Pumphrey, who never played a snap in the NFL.

King feels like he was built in a lab for Jim Schwartz's defense. He's physical and has that much-lauded versatility to play both cornerback and safety. With impressive ball skills and sticky coverage, King was First-Team All-Pro selection in 2018. In crucial situations, King could also field punt returns, giving a DeSean Jackson-like level of excitement, as he was named Second-Team All-Pro as a punt returner in 2018 too.

A big name player at a position of desperate need is available, so the inevitable question is whether the Eagles should inquire about King's service. The answer is yes.

Despite the Eagles' lead in a decrepit NFC East race, the Birds really shouldn't be buyers when looking at the state of this team objectively. A King trade, however, isn't akin to some midseason stopgap upgrade. King, who turns 26 next month, could be a significant piece for the Eagles for years to come.

Fellow All-Pro defensive backs Jalen Ramsey and Jamal Adams have both been moved for multiple first-round picks over the last year. I don't think King would command quite that haul. Maybe a second and a third? For all his warts as a draft day evaluator of talent, Roseman hangs his hat on his ability to win trades.


So what's the hold up? As it is with almost any decision in the NFL, money matters here. King is an unrestricted free agent this offseason and the Eagles are about to enter cap purgatory next year. He'll command top dollar on the open market.

The cap situation may prove to be too prohibitive, but any smart team should make a courtesy call when a player of King's talent becomes available.

UPDATE: Well, King won't be going to Philly. Welp.