NFL insider expects Eagles will pursue former MVP QB


The Eagles are heading into 2021 with Jalen Hurts as QB1, but if Hurts doesn't play lights-out this year - and, frankly, even if he does - the Birds will be connected to all kinds of quarterback rumblings and rumors as the age of Quarterback Movement continues.

And the most prominent name of the post-Tom Brady departure is undoubtedly Aaron Rodgers, who was angling for a departure from Green Bay before agreeing to return for the 2021 season. His future after this year is extremely uncertain, though, and he could be leaving Wisconsin after one more go-round.

Could Rodgers wind up playing in a different shade of green? NBC Sports' NFL insider Peter King certainly believes Howie Roseman would like to try and make it happen.

King examined the Rodgers situation from a number of angles Monday in his latest Football Morning in America column, and dropped this tidbit about the Eagles:

"Denver is such a perfect team for Rodgers in 2022. I’m sure Carolina and Philadelphia and Washington will enter the fray if/when Green Bay trades him, but sending him to the AFC minimizes the rematches which I’m sure the Packers would want to avoid at all costs."

Now, this is not the first time we've heard the Eagles linked to Rodgers. In an appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic last month, ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter said he could see the Eagles pursuing Rodgers just as they've been linked to pursuing Deshaun Watson.


As for King's assessment: Denver is a perfect football match for Rodgers, and a perfect PR match for the Packers, but are they a perfect match for the Green Bay front office? Because if you're selling off the face of the franchise and one of the greatest QBs of all-time after you spoiled the relationship, you'd better make absolutely certain you're getting top dollar return.

If the Broncos are interested in Rodgers, which they almost certainly are and have reportedly been since the NFL Draft, they'll need to beef up their draft pick inventory over the next six months or they have no chance of competing with the Eagles' stockpile.

The Broncos own no extra draft picks over the next three years, while the Eagles own an extra first-round pick in 2022, an extra second-round pick that can become a first in 2022, and an extra fifth-round pick in 2022. It's not even a competition.

No matter which quarterback is available after this season (or maybe even during it?), the Eagles will be able to outflank basically any opposing organization because Roseman has been busy acquiring draft capital after the Carson Wentz situation in Philly went south.

Losing the face of the franchise wasn't ideal, but if Roseman is able to turn these assets into a new QB1 with franchise pedigree, he'll definitely deserve credit for adapting on the fly.

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