Has a star veteran QB popped up on Eagles' trade radar?


He could theoretically change our minds before the season is over, but it seems the Eagles aren't going to be quarterbacked by Jalen Hurts for the next decade. The second-year QB has struggled throughout 2021, which means the Birds still need an answer at the sport's most important position.

Could they trade for a veteran QB in the NFC who's tormented them over the years?

A little smoke has popped up around one of football's most interesting names in the last 24 hours: one Russell Wilson.

It began Tuesday afternoon when ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio asked, in what like a hint-hint column, whether Wilson might seek a new home again after his summer dalliance on the trade market:

"We'll likely never know if Wilson's agent makes one last behind-the-scenes run at making a trade happen, unless it progresses to actual trade talks. Given the issues from earlier this year and the strong possibility that he will make another play for a new team after the season, there are plenty of reasons for him to consider the possibility of making the jump to a new team in time to try to get back to the Super Bowl and win it, this year."

Then, on Wednesday morning, ESPN NFL insider and scoopmaster Adam Schefter joined 97.5 The Fanatic and added Wilson's name to a list that previously included just two names when discussing the Eagles' possible offseason plans:


"They're going to have, right now it looks like three first round picks in the Top 20, two in the Top 10. So they are going to be armed to do what they want to do this offseason. Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Rodgers could be available. So to me, before you do anything, those are the first three names you have to get answers on."


Back in July, Schefter was talking strictly about Watson and Rodgers in connection to the Eagles' current asset haul and their need for a new QB. Now, Wilson has appeared on that list.

Where there's a little bit of smoke, there's a little bit of fire? Maybe, maybe not.

Wilson doesn't seem to be particularly cozy in Seattle, that team doesn't seem to be trending in the right direction, and the Eagles certainly have the firepower to pull off a blockbuster move.

But Wilson is also pretty entrenched in Seattle, and the Seahawks are more built for win-now than for a re-tooling or a rebuild, so it could be tough to pry him from John Schneider's grip.

If it's possible to get him out of the Pacific Northwest, is it a good move for the Eagles? Depends on how you look at it.

Wilson, who turns 33 next month, is under contract through 2023. He carries a gaudy $37 million cap hit in 2022, and an even gaudier $40 million cap hit in 2023. That's a lot of bread for one player, especially when the Eagles don't seem to be built for win-now mode.

But if we know anything about Howie Roseman, it's that he likes to make big moves in search of staying competitive, and trading for Wilson feels like a move Jeff Lurie would sign off on. We're seeing quarterbacks play deeper and deeper into their late 30s these days, so getting Wilson at 33 wouldn't be the worst thing. He could give you another five years of Top 10 quarterback play.

Wilson bombing to Quez Watkins twice a game and hitting DeVonta Smith in the hands to the tune of 100 yards and a touchdown sure sounds nice.

Ultimately, this will be a conversation for the offseason, and one worth having - but I don't think Roseman does it, and I don't think he should. The Eagles will be better served building up the entire team slowly (not too slowly, though) and looking for young quarterback options with high ceilings.

With Roseman, though, never say never.

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