Why Eagles should turn down reported Minshew trade interest


Eagles fans spent much of the bye week debating how much stock should be put into Gardner Minshew torching the Jets in Week 13. Was it indicative a starter-level QB? Or just a reminder of how putrid the Jets are?

I tend to think it falls somewhere in between, but the Eagles' backup reportedly has the eye of at least one team around the league: the Carolina Panthers.

NFL.com insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday morning that the Panthers called Howie Roseman about a Gardner Minshew trade, although it happened at least a month before Minshew's start vs. New York, according to Rapoport. The trade deadline was Nov. 2.

From Rapoport:

"Sources say during the season, the Carolina Panthers spoke with Philly about Minshew, discussing what the compensation would be. They never dug deep on a possible trade, but they did discuss what it might take.

"The Panthers called before they acquired Matt Barkley and before they signed Cam Newton.


"Most teams view Minshew as at least a bridge starter with upside; at worst he's a high-level backup. Could he generate at least a mid-round pick, giving the Eagles an upgrade considering what they gave up in compensation? Perhaps."

A mid-round pick for Gardner Minshew? It sounds at first like a clear and obvious win. Roseman turning a sixth-round pick into a road win and a fourth-round pick would be a tremendous success.


But I don't think Roseman should move Minshew at all this offseason, unless a team comes out of nowhere with a surprisingly high offer, because Minshew showed in Week 13 just how valuable he is.

It's not just that Minshew played at a high level as a backup who hadn't seen real deal game action (I'm not counting a couple snaps in garbage time vs. the Lions) since Dec. 20, 2020. It's that he brings the Eagles reliable and average-to-slightly-above-average QB play at the backup position for *less than $1 million* against the cap. 

It's an absolute steal to have solid play at the most important position in football for that price. It almost defies logic.

Considering the hit rate of Day 2 and Day 3 draft picks vs. the known commodity of Minshew, I really like the idea of keeping him around next year as the team's backup, whether that's behind Hurts or someone else. Shoot, keep him around as QB3. At $965,000, that's still a steal.

I'm certainly not of the mind that Minshew is better than Hurts, and the Eagles starting Hurts the rest of the season is the correct decision. The team needs to figure out who he is as a quarterback. But in terms of skills combined with cap hit, Minshew is one of the best values in the NFL, and the Birds would be wise to realize that.

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