Insider clears up Eagles-Russell Wilson trade obstacle


Last offseason, when Russell Wilson's future with the Seahawks suddenly pulled a 180 and began looking uncertain, Wilson's agent oddly leaked a list of four teams that Wilson would've approved in a trade, waiving his contract's no-trade clause: the Cowboys, Bears, Saints, and Raiders.

No Eagles on that list, which is relevant these days because Wilson has repeatedly been linked to the Birds as a potential answer at the quarterback position this offseason, given Wilson's reportedly rocky relationship with Seattle's front office, the Seahawks' general downward trajectory, the Eagles' lack of clarity about Jalen Hurts' ability, and the Eagles' enormous draft pick haul.

All of that draft capital and logical dot-connecting, of course, is for naught if Wilson wouldn't approve a trade to the Eagles.

So... would he? ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter believes so.

Schefter joined 97.5 The Fanatic for his weekly appearance on The John Kincade Show, and as the conversation veered towards Wilson, that exact question came up. Here's what Schefter said:

"KINCADE: You've got to get him to waive the no-trade clause to get him to come to Philadelphia, though.

"SCHEFTER: I believe he'd waive the no-trade clause."

Well, that's a pretty straightforward answer! Good news for any Eagles fans interested in trading for Russ. 

What's *not* good news for the folks in that camp is the way Wilson has been playing since returning from a finger injury that kept him out for a month. Wilson's completion percentage is as low as it's been in four years, his touchdown percentage is as low as it's been in five years, and he's generally looked like a less-explosive version of himself.


Does Schefter think Wilson is starting to regress as he reaches the back half of his career? Or is this largely injury-related?  

"SCHEFTER: Something's not right there. Anybody that watches them knows, he's flailing right now. He's been struggling for the better part of a year, and I'm sure thing finger is a part of it, but that can't explain everything. And maybe some of it has to do with the fact that Seattle just doesn't have a run game. Good luck to the quarterback trying to make do without a running game at all."

I think that's a reasonable explanation. A lot of football fans will point to D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett and say, 'With those weapons, Wilson should be playing better football.' Except... if he doesn't have the time to get the ball to those guys, and he's generally lacking talent everywhere else (running back Chris Carson has been out since Week 4) how in the world is he supposed to produce?

And, to be clear, a down Wilson year still isn't bad. He ranks 21st in completion percentage, immediately behind Patrick Mahomes, Ryan Tannehill, Justin Herbert, and Aaron Rodgers. Good company. His yards per attempt ranks sixth, his touchdown percentage ranks 12th, and his interception percentage is fourth-lowest in the league - oddly enough, Carson Wentz is third.

This is still a very good quarterback, albeit one who's dealing with a finger injury and has very little in the way of help. If the Eagles can land him for a somewhat reasonable price - two Top-10 picks in April's draft? - they should make the effort.

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