NFL’s latest COVID-19 outbreak could end up hurting the Eagles


Some huge news in the NFL surfaced on Tuesday and it could have some implications for the Eagles too.

The Tennessee Titans have eight new COVID-19 cases (three players, five personnel staff) and have suspended all in-person activities. And the Vikings, who they played on Sunday, are also shutting down their facilities.

So why does this affect the Eagles? They don’t have either team on their schedule this season.

But this weekend, the Titans are scheduled to host the Steelers on Sunday at 1 p.m. and that game is now obviously in question, especially since the Titans are reportedly being forced to shut down until Saturday. Will the NFL really make them play without any days of practice?

That’s an important question, because the Eagles play the Steelers in Pittsburgh in Week 5.

So if Titans-Steelers is canceled or postponed this weekend, that means that while the Eagles are in San Francisco playing in Sunday Night Football, the Steelers might get an extra week of rest and preparation for their game against the Eagles.

And that Week 5 game is in Pittsburgh. So the Eagles will have to take two cross-country flights, travel to Pittsburgh and play on the road on a short week while the Steelers would be able to rest up.

Obviously, the bigger issue here is the spread of COVID-19 and, to a lesser extent, the problems that will create for the NFL season as a whole. But the Eagles are sitting at 0-2-1 right now and could really use a break. This might be the opposite of one.