Even Super Bowl MVPs can lose their confidence. 

Nick Foles was asked Wednesday about a comment that Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick made earlier in the day, about how even a 15-year veteran like himself who’s seen everything can lose his confidence.

Foles took it and ran with it, explaining that even after a record-setting postseason run, after winning a championship, after being named Super Bowl MVP and being immortalized with a Philly Special statue, he too struggles with his confidence:

“You don’t get (confidence) and keep it. I think that’s life. Day to day, there’s struggles. Confidence isn’t just something (that’s always there). I think people expect since you’ve done it before you should know how to do it every time. But each day’s a new day, each struggle’s a new struggle. And we are humans. We do have feelings and we do go through different things. … 

“People look at us as professional athletes and think we don’t deal with that, but we do. And I think that when Fitz says that, that’s really awesome that he’s as honest as he is, because I’ll be honest too. 

“We do struggle. You do lose your confidence at times. But you have to know how to get it back and what does it take. For me, it’s always leaning on Christ and talking to my wife. Even though sometimes I probably drive her crazy. But she’s always been there for me.”


Foles is a unique guy in a unique position. A Super Bowl MVP keeping the seat warm for a possible future MVP.

What really makes him special, though, is how he has used his platform to help others. His honesty regarding mental health issues, self-doubt and his own struggles with confidence is inspirational.

When young athletes understand that even people like Nick Foles or Brian Dawkins, who’ve experienced unimaginable success and achieved greatness at the highest level, still struggle with their confidence or experience self-doubt it can really help them understand that their own similar struggles are perfectly normal and OK.

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