Foles sure sounds ready to be traded to the Colts


You couldn't write something this ridiculous.

After Carson Wentz forced his way out of Philadelphia, seemingly because he felt undermined by the success (and mere presence) of the Eagles' backup quarterbacks during his time in Philly, the 28-year-old QB finally had a chance to re-establish himself with the Colts... but he suffered a foot injury in the first week of training camp and will now miss anywhere from five to 12 weeks after he undergoes foot surgery.

And what's that sound in the distance? Oh, nothing.

Just Nick Foles, the backup QB who won a Super Bowl with the Eagles after Wentz suffered a season-ending injury, giving a press conference and seeming extremely ready to head to Indianapolis if he's called upon.

It's unbelievable.

Foles, who is currently the Bears' third-string QB behind Andy Dalton and Justin Fields, met with reporters Monday shortly after the news of Wentz's surgery broke, so naturally the questions turned to potential trade chatter since Foles and Colts head coach Frank Reich got along swimmingly during the Super Bowl year in Philadelphia.

Foles began by saying he would prefer to be traded to a team where he knows someone and feels comfortable:

"I don't want to go to someone that I don't know. I don't want to be - listen, great coaches - when you have a great coaching staff, it's something special. A big reason we were great in Philly was we had a great coaching staff. We did really well where they put us in position to succeed, and it showed. I think everyone can say it showed. So that being said, I don't want to go somewhere where I don't know 'em, I don't know the offense. I've gone down that road before, and it's not fun."


Got it. So, you'd like to be traded to the Colts.

Foles then sang Reich's praises forever, and explained why he and Reich are such an incredible fit while acknowleding that "right now" Foles remains a Bear:

"Listen, Frank Reich is one my favorite if not my favorite coach of all-time. He understands me as a player, he understands me as a person. I haven't had any talks with them. I'm a Chicago Bear right now. But he knows me. Y'all watched the 2017 season and the playoffs, where he changed the offense and built it around me, and y'all saw what happened. So he understood my mentality as a player, and he was able to build it around me and put me in a successful position, and my teammates. But that being said, they have Carson, and Carson and I have a lot of history. I have a lot of respect for Carson, he's a tremendous player, he's going through a lot of adversity once again, but he'll bounce back. And you know what, he might miss a few games, but I know he'll be back out there. We haven't had any talks, so right now I'm a Chicago Bear and I'm going to keep slinging it with these third-stringers, and we're going to dice 'em up."

Got it. So, you'd like to be traded to the Colts.

And Foles finished it off by explaining he thinks he's playing better football right now than he did when he won a Super Bowl with Reich:

"Listen, I'm 32 right now, I feel great, the version of me right now is much better than the version that played in the Super Bowl, I'll tell you that. And I'm confident in that. So put that through your mind. I know that."

Got it. So, you'd like to be traded to the Colts and then win a Super Bowl. Sounds good Nick!

We'll see what happens in the next few days as Indy assesses its quarterback room and figures out a plan of attack. 

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