They’ve been fighting nonstop on my Twitter timeline. Nick vs. Carson. Carson vs. Nick.

“Nick won a Super Bowl! What’s Carson ever won?!?!”

“Carson’s so much better when he’s healthy!!!”

“Nick gets the ball deep! Carson only dumps it off to Ertz!!!”

“Carson threw deep all the time last year when he was healthy, what are you talking about?!?!”

“Nick knows how to win big games. Carson’s never won a big game in his life!!!”

“Nick is so inconsistent. He didn’t even throw a touchdown against the Rams and had a bad interception, and everybody’s saying how great he played!”

“All Nick does is win. When’s the last time he lost a big game?”

“Carson was the league MVP through 13 games! If it wasn’t for him going 11-2, Nick never would have even been in the playoffs!!!”

“Trade Carson!!!” … “See ya, Nick!!!” … “Carson sucks!!!” … “Nick sucks!!!” … “You SUCK!!!” … “No, YOU Suck!!!”

Enough already.

It’s never been about Nick Foles vs. Carson Wentz and it never should be. They’re different quarterbacks with different strengths and weaknesses, and without both of them, the Eagles wouldn’t have won a Super Bowl last year, and without both of them, the Eagles wouldn’t be where they are now, with a small chance to get back to the playoffs.

We’ve had so many bad quarterbacks around here.

We lived through Brad Goebel, Ken O’Brien and Pat Ryan.


We survived Bobby Hoying, Koy Detmer and Doug Pederson.

We endured Vince Young, Mike McMahon and Sam Bradford.

We tried to believe in Kevin Kolb, Matt Barkley and Mike Kafka.

Now, we have two quarterbacks who are both pretty flippin’ great, and instead of bickering about which one of them is better or some nonsense, we should be celebrating them.

They’re both homegrown Howie Roseman draft picks. They’re both winners. They both love being Eagles. They’re both genuinely good, down-to-earth dudes.

You don’t have to pick a side here. You don’t have to be a Nick guy or a Carson guy. It shouldn’t be about that.

It should be clear to anybody that’s paying attention that they’re both elite quarterbacks when healthy. I’d be thrilled to have either one of them quarterbacking my team.

When Wentz's wins take the Eagles on a nine-game winning streak, like he did last year, it doesn’t mean Foles stinks.

And when Foles leads them on a historic playoff run that culminates in a Super Bowl title, like he did last year, it doesn’t mean Wentz stinks.

The reality is that the Eagles can only move forward with one of them, and Doug Pederson hasn’t wavered since Day 1 that Wentz is that guy.

And that’s the right call. Wentz is four years younger and, when he’s healthy, he’s as good as anybody.

The injuries can be a concern, but it’s not like Foles has never gotten hurt. He missed the second half of 2014 with a broken collarbone and then drifted to the Rams and Chiefs before returning here last year.

An Eagles fan at LAX Monday morning asked me if I had one game I absolutely had to win, who would I rather have at quarterback, Foles or Wentz?

I thought about it for a second. We’ve seen Foles win a Super Bowl with an otherworldly performance, but we’ve also seen him struggle through a lot of really shaky games. We’ve seen Wentz play at a consistently high level for most of his career, but he hasn’t played in the postseason yet.

Tough call. Tough choice. 

But then the correct answer hit me: Either one.

They’re both phenomenal quarterbacks. They’re both tremendous leaders. They’re both winners.

I like my chances with either one.

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