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The real reason Eagles practiced at the Linc Friday

Eagles Insider

Another new Nick Sirianni twist was revealed yesterday when the Eagles shuttled across Broad Street and held practice at the Linc.

That’s a rarity for the Eagles. The kickers go over there once a week, but taking the full team to the stadium is unusual.

Sirianni’s explanation was a simple one and a curious one.

Basically, they practiced at the Linc because they play Sunday at the Linc.

And practicing in their home stadium will get everybody just a little more comfortable come kickoff against the 49ers Sunday.

“So the receivers get to see the ball a certain way in that stadium,” Sirianni said. “The DBs get to see the ball. Jake (Elliott), Jalen (Hurts) get to feel the wind and how that moves in that stadium.

“Just the surroundings of being there getting ready, just practicing, executing plays in that stadium. I do really believe (it helps). Is it a huge difference? Not a huge difference. Even if it's (a little bit), it's worth our time to go over there.”


It helps that the NovaCare Complex and Lincoln Financial Field are less than a mile apart.

It’s just a three-minute bus ride. Five minutes if the light at Broad and Pattison is just turning red, which always seems to be the case.

“That's our home field,” Sirianni said. “If you get eight games or 10 games at that stadium, imagine how much more it feels like your home than when you're (there) 20 (times).

“So put a lot of thought into that. There was one place I've done that before in the past. I always thought that was really a good idea. It was in Kansas City. The stadium was close to the practice facility, and that's why we do it. … We have an easy trip to get over there. Not every stadium is right next to their facility.”

The Eagles had two home preseason games and a low-key open practice last month, but there are 19 players on the active roster who’ve never played a game at the Linc in an Eagles uniform.

So when the game starts Sunday, they’ll feel a little bit more at home than they would have been if practice had been at the NovaCare Friday.

It sounds like this will become a regular part of the Eagles’ routine leading up to their next seven (or more) home games as well.

“Obviously, that can change here and there,” he said. “That can change based off the weather, and different things go into it. That's my initial plan. Just being ready to adjust just like we do in a game.”