Nigel Bradham clarifies his comments about the Eagles

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Nigel Bradham, a part of the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII-winning roster in 2017, said the Eagles aren’t a winning organization. 

What, Nigel?!?!?!

Bradham, 30, signed with the Saints this offseason after spending the past four years with the Eagles. 

On a virtual call with New Orleans reporters (watch it here), Bradham was asked about his impressions of his new team. That’s when he gave this really strange answer: 

It’s definitely a different type of environment, a different culture, because the last two organizations I went to wasn’t really a winning organization. So when you come to a place where it’s known for winning and known for being in the postseason, you see the different type of culture that they have and the different type of expectations that they have naturally and what they expect out of you as a player.

After these comments blew up in Philly, NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark got in touch with Bradham to clarify: 

OK, that makes more sense. 

Because the Bills weren’t a winning organization. That’s fair. The Bills were 29-35 during Bradham’s four years in Buffalo and they missed the playoffs all four seasons. 

But the Eagles? 

Bradham is right that the Eagles weren't a winner when he arrived. He got here in 2016 right after Chip Kelly was fired and there was a new head coach coming in. So from that perspective, there’s more stability as he starts in New Orleans. 


Because during Bradham’s four years in Philly, the Eagles were 38-26, they went to the playoffs the last three years and they won the freaking Super Bowl in 2017. Bradham started in Super Bowl LII.