Someone hit the Eagles bet of the century


While Philadelphia is reveling in the Eagles' win over the Giants, there is one football fan that's celebrating a little harder than all of them.

One bettor did a same game parlay for $100 on a sportsbook that landed him a cool $46,430.94 during Thursday Night Football and shared their bet slip on Twitter.

The five-leg parlay hit due to a clutch, though fairly uneven, performance from Carson Wentz. The Birds' quarterback scored the first touchdown of the game on the opening drive with a one-yard run. Giants wideout Sterling Shepard did his part in the fourth quarter with a two-yard touchdown reception that gave the Giants a 21-10 lead.

With the Eagles moneyline win in doubt, Wentz took over at the end of the game, throwing for 359 yards, well over the 247.5 mark he needed to pass, and hitting Boston Scott with a game-winning touchdown toss with just 40 seconds remaining. @Paranormal_Bass's fingernails were likely all chewed off by the time the final whistle sounded.

Whether that was truly that bettor's last $100 to their name is uncertain, but I'm sure there have been few people who have sweated out the end of a bet as much as them.